Everything You Need to Know About BOPP Adhesive Tapes

Everything You Need to Know About BOPP Adhesive Tapes

Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) is a popular type of adhesive label, which is quite popular in packaging and shipping applications. There are multiple types of BOPP adhesive tapes and each type offers exceptional benefits in applications where they are used. If you are not totally aware of BOPP adhesive tapes then this post is for you. It introduces BOPP adhesive labels, their benefits, and the scope of applications.

Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Adhesive Tapes

Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) adhesive tapes are thin-film tapes made from polypropylene. These tapes are coated with water-based adhesives. Despite being thin filmed, these adhesive labels offer excellent tolerance in hot and cold applications as they are made from thermoplastic polymers. These adhesive tapes are used in robust applications that are exposed to temperature extremes.

The following are the three types of BOPP adhesive labels.

  • Transparent BOPP Adhesive Tapes:

    These BOPP tapes offer clear transparency. They are used for packaging where instruction, labels, product codes, etc need to be visible.

  • Colored BOPP Adhesive Tapes:

    These adhesive tapes are manufactured by pigmenting thermoplastics during production. The colored adhesives are suitable when it comes to the identification of packages.

  • Custom BOPP Adhesive Tapes:

    The custom adhesive tapes are made by printing the labels. Customization can be done by changing colors, printing names, and logos of companies, etc.

Now let us discuss what the beneficial features are offered by BOPP adhesive tapes.

Benefits of Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Adhesive Tapes

Owing to the following benefits offered by BOPP adhesive labels, they are highly popular in the packaging and supply industries.

  • Thin Film Construction:

    The BOPP adhesive tapes are very thin with a thickness of around 40 microns and possess water-based adhesive. These tapes stick on the boxes or packages very closely. Also, manufacturers benefit from producing these tapes as material requirement reduces due to thin-film construction.

  • High Strength:

    These thermoplastic-made tapes are known for high tensile strength in cold and hot applications. Therefore, even during robust handling, the rupture of adhesive tape is not a concern.

  • Dimensional Stability:

    The dimensional stability of these tapes is excellent as they go under negligible deformation on exposure to temperature, pressure, and tension. The dimensional stability makes these tapes shrink and wrinkle-proof too.

  • Ecofriendly:

    Most BOPP adhesive labels are non-toxic, recyclable, and therefore eco-friendly.

  • UV Resistance:

    These tapes are UV resistant that prevents the deformation of material on exposure to sunlight.

  • Moisture Resistance:

    Since the adhesive itself is water-based, thus, it offers good tolerance to moisture. It prevents delamination of the tape from the surface under humid environments.

  • Smooth Surface Finish:

    BOPP tapes offer a very smooth surface that prevents bumps during the application of these tapes.

  • Easy Printability:

    The material polypropylene absorbs the printing dye quite easily. Also, the smooth surface offers benefits during printing. It does not cause color bleeding, or spreading or fading over time. Therefore, the printability of these tapes is quite high.

All these benefits of BOPP labels make them an absolutely great choice for packaging and shipment applications. These safes ensure safety, and durability in packaging. However, the quality of BOPP adhesive tapes impacts the benefits of these adhesive labels. That is why you should buy these BOPP adhesive tapes from trusted suppliers like Performance Label Company (PLC). The company supplies high-quality adhesive tapes, and customize them based on requirements. They also accept artworks for customization of adhesive tapes.

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