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Photo Stickers

Cherish Your Memories with Custom Photo Stickers and Labels

Custom stickers offer a great way to personalize and cherish your memories. So, if you have just returned from a memorable trip you can get custom made stickers to stick on the fridge, or for scrapbooking. Turn all your favorite photos into stickers, with the photo stickers and labels by the Performance Label Company (PLC). We can also make custom photo stickers for your birthday parties, or weddings, and any type of event.

Photo Stickers for Creative and Personalized Gifts

Photo stickers offer a great way to creatively customize your personalized gifts. We can help you create photo stickers to gift to a loved one. This stickers can help capture special moments from birthdays, a trip or holiday, a favorite person, or pet. For functions such as weddings, you can use the photo stickers to make custom wine or water bottle labels. Photo stickers with the couple's photo can and used for invitations, gifts, and thank you notes. They also make as a great gift for special occasions such as Valentine's Day, marriage or work anniversary, your child's or spouse's Birthday, etc. We can create unique photo stickers with your loved one's picture and a personalized message on it.

Photo Stickers for Promotional and Professional Use

Photo stickers and labels offer a great way to promote your business and market or enhance the brand's awareness. We have created custom photo stickers and labels for political parties for use during elections. By simply putting the candidate photo and a slogan on the sticker, you can effortlessly reach countless voters. For businesses and brand promotion, custom stickers with images of your product, and some precise information can be of great help. We have specialized designs and templates for commercial photo stickers.

Specifications of Photo Stickers at Performance Label Company

The Performance Label Company offers a range of specifications and options for creating custom photo stickers. Our photo stickers are made of high quality material. They easily stick on most materials. Following are the general specifications of photo stickers generally sought by our customers across the USA:

  • Material Options: PLC offers more than 20 varieties of materials, such as vinyl and polyester for you to choose from. The material is chosen depending on application conditions such as moisture, abrasion, and scratches. Also, we can use specialized materials as per the customer's requirement.
  • Assortment of Shapes and Sizes: Customers can find the ideal shape and size for their stickers from our large inventory. Basic shapes offered include heart, round, square, oval, and other geometrical shapes. We can also create custom photo stickers in shapes and sizes of your choice.
  • Large Selection of Dies: Our selection of more than 1,000 types of dies allows us to meet every customer requirement. However, if you have a particular choice of die that is not in our inventory, we source it for you at the earliest.
  • Color Options: The 7 spot color and 4 process color printers at PLC allow us to produce colorful and attractive photo stickers of your choice.

We will leave no stone unturned to make your personalized sticker more appealing. For more information or trade enquires on custom photo stickers by PLC, you can reach via telephone at +1-800-333-2134, or email us at

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