Stickers & Labels Guide: Considerations to Make High-Quality Stickers and Labels

Stickers & Labels Guide: Considerations to Make High-Quality Stickers and Labels

The stickers and labels are no longer considered decorative elements rather over the years they have become a source of business promotions, product campaigns, and marketing. Certainly, owing to their increasing use in promotion and marketing, the quality of stickers and labels matters a lot. For many marketers, the quality of stickers and labels is only about aesthetics, which is not true. This quality consideration starts in the designing phase itself and you need to focus on several areas during the time. Do you know what all factors must be considered to manufacture high-quality stickers and labels? If your answer is no, then this stickers & labels guide is for you. This stickers & label guide discusses different factors you need to consider while designing and printing the stickers and labels.

Stickers & Labels Guide: Tips to Produce High-Quality Stickers & Labels

Consider the following factors while designing and printing the stickers and labels.

  • Shapes and Cuts:

    Stickers and labels are often designed in different shapes and cutouts. The shapes and cuts of stickers and labels play important role in aesthetics, as they help in enhancing your brand value.

  • Application of Stickers and Labels:

    What will be the location of use of this sticker or label? Area of application, available space, etc should be considered while designing the stickers and labels. It is also important to know the type of surface it is going to be applied on. One should check if the sticker is to be applied on a glass or plastic surface or other surfaces.

  • Material:

    The material of stickers and labels impacts its durability. They can be made from paper, vinyl, BOPP, etc. Choose the material that works best for your application.

  • Adhesives:

    Removable, permanent, static cling, high track, etc are the common types of adhesives one can use. You can choose the adhesive based on the projected shelf life of a particular sticker and how firm bonding is needed.

  • Surface Finish:

    The stickers can be of smooth, glossy, or matt surface finishes. Choose the one that works best for your applications.

  • Color Combination:

    Color combination plays an important role in sticker design. Based on the color theory, the perception of each color differs in the human eyes. Therefore, each color describes a different perspective. You should always choose the colors that compliment your business and business motives.

  • Graphics Quality and Resolution:

    Graphics is often an integral element of sticker and label aesthetics. Logos, taglines in different fonts, or icons are popular graphical elements printed on the stickers and labels. The resolution and interpretability of these graphical elements add to the quality of stickers. If low-resolution graphics are used, your brand information will lose its impact, thus, only high-quality printing must be used.

  • Content and Fonts:

    Often taglines or the business contact information is printed on the stickers. The content and font should be appropriate to send the right information. The content, font, and presentation on the sticker must complement the marketing requirements.

  • Printing Type:

    Different types of printing options are available. Hot stamp printing, large format printing, flexographic printing, etc., are commonly chosen printing options. You can choose the one that meets your requirements.

  • Lamination:

    The stickers can be water-proofed, chemical-proofed, and dust-proofed by using different laminating techniques. Based on the application the stickers and labels should be laminated. This helps in increasing the durability of stickers and labels. Lamination also helps in preventing colors from fading due to exposure to sunlight.

As discussed in this stickers & labels guide, considering the above factors can help in manufacturing high-quality stickers and labels. Also, to ensure quality, sourcing manufacturing, and printing services from experienced and trusted manufacturers is important. That is why, you should source stickers, labels, and custom printing services from reliable service providers like Performance Label Company (PLC). The company supplies high-quality stickers and labels with customization services.

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