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Clear Stickers

Clear Stickers - The Clear Choice

Clear stickers contain a printed design or text that can make them look much superior to regular stickers. Due to the usage of a transparent vinyl, clear stickers look almost like die-cut stickers (without the extra cost). Clear stickers are extremely versatile. When a clear sticker is installed on a surface, the area around the printed portion is clearly visible. This makes the design stand out. In case, you are using these stickers for your marketing activities, you can be assured of maximum attention. Making the surface background stand out in addition to the print makes these stickers extremely attractive. Clear stickers are an asset for both organizations as well as individuals.

Clear Stickers in Application

Due to the design, these stickers can be used across several applications. From glasses, books, and candles, to cars, laptops, and walls, clear stickers have found use in almost all industries. Clear stickers are widely used to seal grocery or shopping bags. A popular domestic practice is to use these stickers on gift-wrappings and gift bags.

Personalized Clear Stickers at PLC

Clear stickers or window decals are brilliant products that are easy to use, and with it bring the 'WOW' factor.

  • We provide tailor-made solutions for every requirement of clear stickers.
  • PLC can also manufacture clear stickers on heavy duty vinyl. These stickers can be used in outdoor applications. Generally, heavy duty vinyl clear stickers last for 5 years under normal conditions. However, depending on your application and environmental factors, the product life will need to be determined.
  • For a clear sticker that is eye-catching and jumps out of the background, we suggest using metallic inks. We work with several different combinations of inks, which can help you achieve outstanding results.

PLC provides a wide variety of customized clear stickers that are designed in accordance with your specific needs. No matter what the design, we can print it for you.

Some time back, white stickers were the favored products. However, with newer, better, and affordable technology, users can make use of amazing products like clear stickers. Sometimes, a white background can stick out like a sore thumb. For a more aesthetically appealing look, clear stickers are the right choice. PLC manufactures several types of stickers for every use and every user!

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