Reasons Why Self-Adhesives are a Good Choice for Businesses

Reasons Why Self-Adhesives are a Good Choice for Businesses

Packaging and labeling are two integral aspects of marketing. Nowadays, you can choose from a variety of labels for your product, considering the marketing and legal aspects, apart from the design and flexibility. Pressure-sensitive labels that are also known as self-adhesive labels are a part of our life and can be found on things that we use daily, such as coffee jars to ketchup bottles to cosmetics. They are used across industries for labeling a variety of products but are more commonly used in the food and beverage industry. Self-adhesive labels offer many advantages. You can use them on polythene packs, glass jars, as well as pet jars among others. This post discusses the advantages of pressure-sensitive labels among other details.

Some Details about Self-Adhesives

The concept of pressure-sensitive labels is that they adhere to the packet or jar when external pressure is applied. They do not need water or any other solvent for adhering. Also, they are non-reactive and form a bond with the object they are stuck on. The molecular reactions between the object and this adhesive help increase the bond strength. Pressure-sensitive adhesives have a good enough viscosity and elasticity. They can be used for both temporary and permanent adhesion.

What Goes into the Making of Pressure Sensitive Labels?

You may wonder what materials are used in self-adhesives, which make them a preferred choice of many businesses. There are five elements that make up a pressure-sensitive label. It has two coats, a release coat, and a topcoat. Additionally, it has a liner, the actual adhesive, and face stock. Let’s take a look at each one of these:

  • The liner is a thin plastic or paper film, which you remove from the label when pasting, and discard it.
  • The face stock is called so perhaps because that is what we see on the label. It may be made of paper, foil, plastic, fabric, and so on depending upon the client’s requirement and budget. The logo and contents are printed on this part.
  • The adhesive is the glue, which binds the face stock to the packet or jar.
  • The release coat is applied to the topmost portion of the liner.
  • The top coated is applied on the face stock to give the required finish to the label. It also protects the label from tearing and scratches.

Advantages of Using Pressure Sensitive Labels

Here are some advantages of pressure-sensitive labels:

  • They are cost-effective, so even if you are new in the industry or have a small scale business, you can most likely afford these labels.
  • They are easy to apply and can be pasted by hand, as well as the machine. Also, with these labels, you will hardly take any time to finish your job.

  • They stick well whether on jars or plastic bags and do not come off easily. These labels do not come off due to heat or water. They remain well in place even if your product is being shipped or is already on a retail store shelf.

  • They are extremely flexible to be used for most applications and are customizable. You can customize these labels to add your own logo and content, along with color, font type and size, and graphics. Also, you can choose the amount of gloss or matte in the materials.

  • They are extremely versatile and visually appealing. Of course, this depends on the way you design it, the colors, fonts, and so on.
  • They serve as a good branding tool. They help increase the brand value of your products and grab the attention of customers.
  • They are resistant to external environmental conditions such as sunlight, water, and temperature.

There is no doubt that the product packed inside should be of high quality. However, labeling and packaging play a huge role. Are you looking for labels for your product? If yes, ensure, you source them from a reliable wholesale label manufacturer and supplier. Performance Label Company (PLC) specializes in providing a variety of labels including pressure sensitive labels for a variety of industries and businesses.

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