4 Water Bottle Label Materials You Can Consider

4 Water Bottle Label Materials You Can Consider

Bottled water is an indispensable part of our lives. Available in different quantities and bottle sizes, the bottled water is easy to carry during journeys and for regular use too. Today, you will find several brands of bottled water in the market. Among various things, our choices are usually centered on the brand. The label on the water bottle is the first thing that we notice when it comes to brand information. This is why most brands today focus on investing in alluring water bottle labels. Although these labels may seem simple and alluring, there is lot of planning involved when it comes to choosing them. There are several label materials available today for consideration. Friction, condensation, and adhesion are a few factors that you must consider while choosing them. This post introduces you to a few popular materials used for making water bottle labels.

Top 4 Popular Materials for Water Bottle Labels

Label design, budget, and method of application are a few more considerations that you have to keep in mind while choosing the materials for water bottle labels.

The following are the top 3 material options that you may want to consider for your water bottle labels.

Clear Transparent Labels:

The clear transparent material create a unique look that is appreciated by most users. Generally, film material is considered for this label. The material can also be used to create a 3D effect. Clear transparent labels are hard to tear in comparison to regular paper labels and they largely remain unaffected by bubbling and condensation. The clear transparent labels are slightly expensive than regular paper labels owing to the above-discussed properties.

White Glossy Labels:

If you observe carefully, most popular packaged bottle brands in the market use glossy labels. This is because the glossiness can uplift the overall look and feel of any bland object. Semi-glossy paper and white glossy paper are generally used in this type of labels. Of these, the semi-glossy materials are quite popular owing to their luster as well as print quality. The white glossy material is also good, but it may require an additional laminate to protect the ink from smearing. This laminate material also helps maintain the integrity of these labels during product handling and friction. Generally, white glossy materials are chosen for large water containers used in homes and commercial facilities.

Polyethylene Labels:

Water bottle labels made of polyethylene are the most preferred in conditions where water bottles may be stored in ambient conditions. The labels may be exposed to cold, heat, moisture, and flexing. Polyethylene labels maintain their integrity in all conditions and look good and colorful, which is a key reason for their popularity with beverage brands.

Shiny Foil Labels:

Shiny metallic foil labels are gaining popularity. They make water bottle labels stand out in the crowd. The labels can be printed on foil film or metalized silver paper. At times, clear laminate or UV coating may be added to protect the integrity of these water bottle labels.

The above-discussed properties will definitely ease your selection process, but it is important to partner with a trusted manufacturer if you wish to buy quality labels. Performance Label Company (PLC) is one such experienced and much-trusted manufacturer of water bottle labels in Texas. The company has been delivering these labels to food and beverage processing units for several years now. The experts at the company can guide you on the materials and their benefits.

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