Types and Properties of Label Adhesives

Types and Properties of Label Adhesives

There are a lot of many different types of label adhesives. Thus, selecting the right label adhesive out of many for your application can be a difficult job. For selecting the right type of adhesive, one needs to have a proper understanding of the different types of adhesives, as well as their properties. This post is based on the same topic.

Types of Label Adhesives

To begin with, here we will discuss the different types of label adhesives that are widely used in different applications.

  1. Freezer Adhesives: These types of label adhesives are typically used at low temperatures. The freezer adhesives have the capability to survive extremely low temperatures (even below 0°C). These adhesives do not crack or peel off at low temperatures. They can be easily removed as the temperature increases.
  1. Permanent Adhesives: The name says it all. These adhesives provide a stronger bond with the item that they are applied to. If you try to remove these adhesives, there are chances of damaging the label, item, or both. Permanent adhesives are cost-effective and are used in a wide range of applications.
  1. Removable Adhesives: These types of adhesives do not peel off easily. They can be removed from the surface, as and when required, without damaging the surface or the label. When the label is removed, these adhesives stay with the label. Thus, the label can be applied to other surfaces after removing from the first. 

Properties of Label Adhesives

Here are some of the properties of adhesives, which would help you select the right adhesive for your application.

  • Temperature Range: This property explains the temperature ranges at which an adhesive can function when the label is applied. When used with paper label stock, most pressure-sensitive adhesives are functional in the temperature range from -65°F to 200°F. When the adhesives are used with film label stock, they can function up to 300°F. 
  • V. Resistance: When labels are exposed to U.V. light for a long time, their adhesion may weaken. Thus, U.V. resistance is an important property that decides the strength of adhesion. 
  • Ultimate Adhesion: This is the maximum holding power of an adhesive when applied to a surface. The time required for an adhesive to achieve ultimate adhesion varies based on the stiffness of the adhesive, the roughness of the surface, as well as environmental conditions. 

Selecting the right adhesive that best suits your requirements is a tough process, but once you understand the properties and types of adhesives, it becomes easier. The aforementioned types and properties will guide you in choosing the perfect label adhesive for your application. Alternatively, you can approach an industry expert like Performance Label Company (PLCTX). The company provides different types of label adhesives and custom labels online.

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