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Logo Stickers

Marketing Your Brand Just Got Easier!

Logo stickers are invaluable when used as marketing tools. They help in promoting the brand across an entire geography, and maybe even more. These versatile products can be used on packaging materials, bottles, boxes, windshields, and more. Our stickers are manufactured using high quality products and tools. This ensures that the stickers last longer than most products. We can also provide design or creative support that our customers might require. We can manufacture logo stickers for both small and large orders. Customer satisfaction being our top priority, we ensure transparency throughout the entire process.

Types of Logo Stickers

PLC has the capabilities to develop the following types of logo stickers:

  • 1-Color: This option can be used for logo stickers that contain one or several colors.
  • 4-Color: Logo stickers are produced faster and can offer a better finish when the 4-color process is used.
  • Clear Stickers (Window Stickers): These stickers are specifically designed for use on glass doors and windows.
  • Silkscreen Printed Stickers: These stickers are used in applications that are exposed to constant or harsh sunlight.
  • Heavy Duty Stickers: Covered with a heavy duty UV laminate, these stickers are tougher than the rest.
  • Die-cut Sticker: If you want to print your sticker in a custom shape, you can get it die-cut.

Sticker Sizes & Shapes

We provide several options in terms of the shapes and sizes of the stickers. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Mini Stickers
  • Round
  • Square
  • 4Rectangular
  • Oval
  • Circular
  • Custom

Customize it!

PLC gives you the freedom to choose the style, shape, size, and design of your sticker. We can create your logo stickers with additional prints and texts if required. We can work with diverse requirements, achieving superior results in record turnaround time.

At PLC, we provide various types of wholesale custom logo stickers for all industries and applications. We are able to offer exemplary solutions based on unique client requirements. Your organization can benefit greatly from using custom logo stickers as part of your branding and promotional activities.

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