Know All About Custom Labels for Bottles

Know All About Custom Labels for Bottles

Bottling is an important packaging type for all fluids, semi-solids, and more aside from water. Bottling is used for a variety of products ranging from water, juices, thick shakes, wine, and curries to cleaning chemicals, perfumes, and more. Also, at times glass bottles may be used for gifting purposes with custom bottle label printing. Whatever the product, bottle labels are essential not only for mentioning statutory information regarding the product but also as a tool for branding and marketing. Businesses opt for custom bottle labels, based on their product. For instance, there are several bottled water brands that choose custom water bottle labels based on their product and branding preferences. This post discusses how bottle label printing significantly contributes towards enhancing its brand value.

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How Custom Bottle Labels Contribute to Branding and Marketing?

While there are standard labels available in the market, choosing custom bottle labels has its own benefits. Here are some of them.

  • It is mandatory to furnish the required product information such as name, contents, use by date, and so on through a label. However, this is not the only purpose. You must design a label such that it resonates with your brand. Hence, it is essential to look for factors such as color, logo, and any creative content, such as a punchline, furnished on the label.
  • Labels are the first point of contact between the bottle and the customer. Hence, it must be presentable and catchy. Once on the retail shelf, the label must be able to promote the product.
  • In case you are gifting a bottle to your loved ones, you can personalize the label to give them a unique experience they will always cherish. While this is not a part of branding for a business, it goes a long way in building and nurturing meaningful relationships.
  • Custom water bottle labels, for instance, allow users to associate themselves with the brand, depending on the type of water, such as mineral water, alkaline water, flavored water, and so on. The label must depict the respective product clearly as it helps increase user engagement.
  • Customers form their perception about the brand by looking at the label. This includes checking the quality of the label material, printing and embossing quality, and the content.
  • It is essential to choose good label materials and adhesives. This is because most of these bottles may be either heated or refrigerated. They may be exposed to humidity, heat, condensation, and more. The labels must withstand all these environmental parameters.
  • Also, if a label sticks onto the bottle even after it is emptied and/or reused, it will still help promote the product. If a user carries that bottle outside, in a public place, it may catch attention of people around.
  • You can make custom bottle labels in case of marketing and advertising campaigns. These can be customized for campaign-specific designs and objectives.
  • Sustainability is an important aspect for any business nowadays, and rightly so. Choose ecofriendly labels that can be recycled and have non-toxic adhesives. This is one of the changing market trends, and adapting to such long-lasting consumer trends may be a wide decision.
  • Labels help influence consumer behavior and may catch the attention certain sections of customers, such as ecologically conscious, vegans, vegetarians, and so on. Some product labels may display terms such as “vegan”, “cruelty free”, “organic”, and so on. All of these terms prompt certain segments of customers to at least have look at the product closely.

If you are a part of the food, beverages, breweries, chemicals, or any other industry that required bottle labels, ensure they meet the required standards and regulation as per your application, such as FDA. Also, it is necessary that the labels are safe and non-toxic, and adhere well to the bottle. You can customize bottle label printing to perfectly suit your requirements in terms of logo, content, color, and more. Ask for a sample before they start the label production in bulk. Performance Label Company (PLCTX) offers digitally printed custom water bottle labels for businesses. The company uses environmentally friendly printing methods.

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