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Digital Labels

The traditional and old-school labels are being replaced by newer, and more advanced labels known as digital labels, which are precision manufactured, and has a better quality in terms of clarity as compared to the standard labels. Performance Label Company, commonly referred as PLCTX is one of the leading, and most experienced digital label printing company in the US.

Specifications and Capabilities of the Digital Labels Provided by PLCTX

We can help you manufacture digital labels in the following specifications and capabilities:

Material Type Polyester (.002" - .007"), Polycarbonate/Lexan® (.005" - .010"), Vinyl (.010" - .020"), Polypropylene, Styrene
Adhesives Tamper Evident, Permanent, High and Low Temperature, Removable, Rough or Textured Surface, Low-Tack
Shapes All Shapes
Printing Method Fanfold, 4 Color Process, 7 Spot Color, UV Varnish, Sheeted Laminated
Minimum Order Quantity 1000
Type Self-adhesive

Beneficial Features of Digital Labels Provided by PLCTX

There are a number of beneficial features of digital labels, which make them popular in a wide range of applications. Some most striking features of these labels are as follows:

  • The digital labels have the capability to deliver high-resolution prints. The tiniest of the details for smaller prints can be executed effectively.
  • The quality of the print delivered in digital printing has a great clarity, and is a crisp type.
  • These labels have an imagery of photographic quality, which is comparable to top magazines.
  • The digital labels can be achieved at fast turnaround times on print orders.
  • The cost per unit for the short to medium size runs is reduced by a considerable amount, when you choose digital labels.

Industrial Applications of Digital Labels

The benefits of the digital labels explained are the reason for their increasing use in several industries. Some industries that use these labels on a large scale, include:

  • Electronic Controls
  • Medical
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Appliance
  • Communications
  • Aerospace
  • Commercial
  • Automotive

Performance Label Company has been manufacturing quality digital labels for quite a several years now. This has given us the required experience, and hence expertise in producing labels that are an exact match to the specifications given by the client. It is an extremely simple process of ordering digital labels from us. Following some simple steps will help you in placing the order for labels with us. We would be requiring some basic information and specifications, which will help us manufacture digital labels matching the requirements. Once all the information is provided, proceed to check out and make the payment. We will take up from here, and get back to you with high-quality digital labels.

Performance Label Company Free Plate Offer
Performance Label Company Free Plate Offer
First time customers, ask about our free plate offer, a $25.00 value. So wait no longer, give Performance Label Company a call at +1-800-333-2134 for all your wholesale labels needs.


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