Digital Label Printing and Its Outcomes Analyzed

Digital Label Printing and Its Outcomes Analyzed

Product packaging is an important aspect of any marketing campaign. It plays a key role in attracting people to your business. Labels are an important part of this packaging, and they would help make unforgettable first impressions for your brand. Although much has been discussed about the type of material, size, shape, and graphics, the kind of printing is rarely addressed. This is because marketers always work with the assumption that any piece of paper can be easily converted into an impressive label by label makers or graphic artists. This is not true, because the attractiveness of a label would also depend on the type of method used. The method you choose must be productive, and help you save time and costs simultaneously. There are several printing methods that fit to this description but digital label printing stands out for several reasons. How this printing technique does differ from regular printing? Why is it in demand? Read this post to know the answers.

Digital Printing vs. Offset Printing
Offset printing has been around for a while and is still used. However, digital printing is a new process that has recently gained popularity. This section discusses these techniques in brief.

  • In offset printing, the plates made of aluminum is used to transfer the image onto the rubber blanket. This image is then rolled onto the paper sheet. However, in digital printing, large printers and liquid ink is used.
  • The offset printers do not transfer the ink directly onto the paper, which is why they are called offset. The digital printers transfer the ink directly to the paper.
  • The offset printers require a complex set up, but they would run efficiently for a long time. This is why they are preferred for large quantities. Digital printers do not require an elaborate setup and are quite easy to operate, but are preferred for mid to small volume quantities.
  • Many offset printers have limited data capabilities, which means if your label needs a unique name, address, and code, this may not be a good choice. However, digital printers assure immense data capabilities.

The choice of the right printing technique would depend on your application requirements, budget, available time, and complexity of designs.

5 Reasons Why Digital Label Printing Is in Demand
By following the trends, it can be seen that digital label printing is gaining popularity. The following are a few reasons for its easy acceptance and popularity.

  1. Quick Turnaround Times: Do you need product labels in an instant? This is the best technique to choose. The digital printer can be easily set up and labels can be printed faster. It means, you will receive your labels in less than a day if you outsource them to any nearby printing service. If you are outsourcing it to a remote label printer, you can still be assured of a fast turnaround because nowadays many printers offer same-day shipping or next-day shipping.
  1. Low Minimum Quantities Possible: If you are a startup or wish to print labels for a small gathering, then digital label printing can be the best deal. It allows you to print the labels in low quantities, such as a single piece or 20, 50, or 100 pieces.
  1. Print as Much as You Need: As said before, offset printing is appropriate for bulk printing, in quantities of hundreds and more. The printing presses are set for high quantities, and sometimes such huge quantities may not be required. With digital label printing, you can print only as much as you need. You do not need to pay extra fees for labels you may never use.
  1. Customization: Digital printing technologies have evolved for the better in recent years, which assure a high level of customization. You can print the labels in colors, designs, or shapes that best describe your business.
  1. High Quality: What if people cannot read the text or graphics on my label from a certain distance? This has been one of the great concerns for marketers for several years. However, now they can be relaxed that digital label printing only brings the best. Digital printers can produce crisp and clear images with vibrant colors. It means, you can easily print product labels, which are visible from shorter or longer distances.

The above mentioned are only a few benefits of digital label printing, however, you can realize more by partnering with a trusted manufacturer like Performance Label Company. The company has been serving brokers, printers, and resellers in the US for several years now. It specializes in wholesale manufacturing of custom labels, custom stickers, custom decals, bumper stickers, die cut labels, and many more. You can contact the experts at the company to discuss your requirements for digital label printing.

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