Get to Know Types of Stickers – Bumper Stickers & Custom Stickers

Get to Know Types of Stickers – Bumper Stickers & Custom Stickers

Stickers or labels are a brilliant medium for brand promotions. Stickers are also used as decorating material. But what makes them unique? The uniqueness of stickers lies in different factors such as their shapes, sizes, messages displayed on them, and above all – types. Stickers are of various types. Sometimes, these stickers are distinguished based on their size or type of application. This post talks about two major types of stickers – bumper stickers and custom stickers. The first type of sticker is named after its application, and the second type is based on customization. Read the post to know more.

 All About Bumper Stickers

As the name suggests, bumper stickers are used on the bumper of a vehicle. Below are some important pointers about these stickers.

  • A bumper sticker is an adhesive label that can be printed with any important safety and business information.
  • These stickers are made using various materials, including PVC, decal, self-adhesive vinyl, and more.
  • These stickers are UV resistant and weatherproof. This helps showcase colorful messages with confidence. The colors of the message will not fade and will continue to attract readers.
  • These stickers feature strong adhesives and are built to withstand sun rays, chemicals, and more. However, these stickers can be easily removed using a heat gun or paint thinner.
  • Most automobile companies offer their bumper stickers with safety or brand promotion messages to increase their vehicle brand popularity among the crowd.
  • Bumper stickers are customizable, so you can easily relate to them as custom stickers. However, not all custom stickers are bumper stickers.

All About Custom Stickers

Custom stickers are the type of stickers that are custom-built to requirements and are not standardized in any way. These stickers offer a lot of expressive freedom to the user and are often designed to meet some purpose. The following pointers will help you understand it better.

  • Custom stickers can come in any shape and size.
  • These stickers can be made of paper, plastic, vinyl, etc., with pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side, which is generally known as the sticky part of the sticker.
  • These stickers can be used for multiple purposes.
  • These stickers can be used for promotions, sharing an important community message, raising awareness about a cause, and more.
  • Customized stickers include all types of stickers as they can be customized as per one’s desire. Many industry segments like automotive, textiles, and food and beverage processing use customized stickers to increase the popularity of their products.
  • Bumper stickers may or may not be a good gift item; however, custom stickers make a good gifting item.

After going through this post, you will get a brief idea about bumper stickers & custom stickers. If you manage or run a business or want to inspire your employees, then you invest in these stickers. Remember, these stickers will be seen by hundreds of people who see your vehicle on the road or visit your office or shop for some purpose. Thus, you cannot compromise on quality. Being one of the most popular products, you can see manufacturers assuring the best prices. However, not all can match quality and price at the same. This is where PLCTX stands out. This wholesale printing company offers printing services for bumper stickers and various types of customizable stickers, including logo stickers, photo stickers, business stickers, and so on, with personalized color options.

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