Know the Trends in Custom Labels

Know the Trends in Custom Labels

Labels play an important role in enhancing the look of product packaging, branding, and giving out appropriate information about its contents. While any label manufacturer and supplier would have plenty of options in terms of shapes, sizes, and so on, custom labels are always the best as you can match them with your requirements. Labels as such have evolved over the years as designers develop new ideas based on modern trends related to marketing and doing business. This post discusses how custom labels have evolved based on the designer’s ideation and creativity, trends in a particular market segment, changing patterns in advertising, and many other factors.

Key Trends That Influence Custom Labels


First, it is mandatory to put the required statutory information on the label such as ingredients or materials, size or weight, and other aspects as per industry standards. While this can be done creatively, there are other factors such as market trends that influence thought processes when designing custom labels. This also depends on the product type and the related market trends, competitors, and more. Here are some relevant pointers.

  • Die Cut Labels:

    While statutory information as per standards would always be there, the other important aspects is how the product would resonate with a prospective buyer. Hence, based on this factor and your product type, you can decide upon the color, logo, font type, and creative content. The consideration for size and shape is equally important. The buyer must be able to associate the product with their requirement and preferences. Die cut labels in unique shapes have gained popularity in recent years. Marketers are using this die cut labels in creative ways to make an impact. They are designing them in shapes of logo, patterns, and texts.

  • Environmental and Sustainable Materials:

    With the world moving towards sustainable solutions, label materials are no exception. One of the trends or rather long-term solutions to reduce carbon footprint is to use renewable resources. This is an influencer for label materials which may be made of recyclable materials and ecofriendly adhesives. Natural Kraft paper, Clarence, Semi-gloss recycled paper, white recycled direct thermal paper, recycled PE, and recycled PP are a few popular recycled label materials used. However, cotton paper, sugar cane paper, agave, grape waste, and grass paper are a few common plant-based renewable label materials. These materials are yet to attain their full potential, but marketers are wisely choosing them for small scale campaigns. There is an ongoing research on improving the utility of these materials and making them affordable for everyone.

  • 2D Barcodes:

    While barcodes have been in use from many years, 2D barcodes have gained much traction. Certain types of 2D barcodes are now being widely used especially on packets of vegetables, fresh foods, meat, and so on to check for data related to shelf life, online purchases, product recall issues, batch numbers, and more.

  • Vibrant Colors:

    Many marketers use varied bright color combinations as they are more likely to attract buyers. Generally, these colors are used to create differentiation between products in a family. It is a human psyche to remember bright colors vividly. Many of us associate brands with colors, and this has worked brilliantly for several years now.

  • Vintage Style Packaging:
    This is a new trend, which appeals to certain sections of people who have lived through that era. Label manufacturers support marketers by creating vintage look using typical text patterns, color combinations, and sometimes tag lines, which appealed people in the 1970s and 1980s.

All in all, it is important to design a label such that people can relate or associate it with your product. If you are looking for custom labels with complete flexibility in terms of the label size, shape, color, content, and so on, ensure you source them a reliable manufacturer and supplier. In case of any confusion, the experts at the company must be able to guide you on the right track after a detailed discussion about your requirements. It is always good to ask for a sample before they make the labels in bulk. Performance Label Company (PLC) offers a variety of custom labels in various shapes, colors, and sizes with the required content.

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