Five Things to Look in a Digital Label Printing Company

Five Things to Look in a Digital Label Printing Company

Digital label printing is in vogue and is being explored by businesses owing to the creative flexibility and better price control options that it offers. Digital labels are a major part of the packaging and are largely used to promote products and services. With such wide popularity of digital labels, it is quite easy for you to find digital label printers throughout the US. Although they all may use similar printing technologies to create a label, there are many other subtle differentiating factors one must consider before choosing a printer. It is often seen that businesses end up making big mistakes while choosing a label printer. The company that they choose to work with may offer them price advantages, but that is not enough. This post discusses a few important factors to keep in mind while choosing a digital label printing company.

5 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Digital Label Printing Company

There are several key factors to be kept in mind when selecting a label printing company; however, the following five factors will help you avoid making big mistakes.

  1. 1.Experience and Expertise in Your Industry: Why does experience matter? It matters because an experienced digital label printer will guide you through the trending and non-trending choices in your industry. This is especially useful if you are a novice, and have a basic or no understanding of different types of materials and printing techniques used by your competitors. This experience is also useful if you are an expert and want someone to help you materialize your specific ideas.
  2. 2.Capabilities of a Digital Printer: This is a matter of big importance. You need to check if the chosen label service provider has capabilities to handle your complex requirements. Do they specialize in only one type of label such as pressure-sensitive labels or are capable of printing other types such as print extended labels, too? What type of foils, varnishes, inks, laminations, and stocks they use during printing? Are they capable of offering you color matches?
  3. 3.Turnaround Times: Although digital label printing services assure the fastest turnaround times compared to other traditional printers, it is important to confirm the shortest and longest turnaround times offered. As this will be tremendously helpful if you are working on short deadlines or planning to launch special products. You can enquire about the entire design and shipping process to understand the time taken to deliver the labels.
  4. 4.Personalization Choices Offered: Digital printing offers lots of personalization choices; however, not all printers may be capable of handling your demands. Unlike the earlier times when personalization was considered a luxury, today it has become a necessity to stand out in the crowd. So, if you are planning to personalize your digital labels from time to time, it is important to ensure that your printer knows of it upfront. Thus, they will able to provide you a proper price estimate, and you can plan your campaigns accordingly.
  5. 5.Hidden Costs: Many digital printing companies are reluctant to discuss hidden costs or unexpected costs with their clients. However, you need to ensure that you discuss them before starting the work. You need to analyze different potential application conditions that may increase the price. For instance, if you decide on design changes at the last minute or regularly update your labels to suit the changing conditions, some printers may charge you extra. Hence, you need to ensure that the quote provided to you also covers the run sizes. You can check on the number of run sizes provided by the digital label printing service.

Digital label printing is considered cost-effective by businesses; however, that doesn’t guarantee its success rate. It is important that you work with the right type of printer to explore the advantages of this label printing type. Performance Label Company (PLCTX) is one of the leading digital label printing service providers in the US. With vast industry experience and expertise to its credit, the company has helped its clients capitalize on the benefits of digital labels.

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