How Digital Labels Can Help Your Small Businesses Grow?

How Digital Labels Can Help Your Small Businesses Grow?

Digital labels are pressure-sensitive labels, which are printed using various advanced digital printing techniques. These labels are used to build brand image. Many advanced digital printing techniques offer flexibility, and freedom in terms of colors, fonts, and graphics. This ease of customization is the main reason for rising popularity of digital labels in diverse industries such as food and beverage, retail, manufacturing, nutrition, and nutraceuticals, etc. These labels can be produced from a vast range of materials, including papers, foils, films, etc. Over the years, small and mid-sized businesses have adopted these labels to improve their brand visibility. How? Read the post to know how digital labels can transform your small business and drive profits.

5 Ways Small Businesses are Gaining Visibility with Digital Labels

In the last decade, digital labels have gained immense popularity in the label industry. This is due to several advancements in digital printing, which ensure quicker production than regular traditional labels. The following are five ways, these labels are helping small and midsized businesses to achieve great success.

  1. Excellent Professional Finish: This is one factor that works in favor of many established businesses. Often, they splurge huge amounts to build impressive branding insignia. Now, small businesses can achieve the same professional finish at much lesser prices. Various advanced digital printing technologies ensure a professional finish, as well as offer the flexibility of adding embellishments for additional impact. Thus, small businesses are utilizing impressive digital labels to communicate with their customers.
  2. Environment-friendly: There is a strong misconception in the industry that being environment-friendly means a huge investment. Digital printing proves it wrong. All digital labels are printed via computers, and waste is minimized. Also, various inks used for printing are FDA approved, which has seen them adorning food products, and medicines in recent years.
  3. Reduced Time to Market: Quick turnaround is one of the main advantages of digital labels. Modern digital printing machines are all equipped with easy-to-use software platforms, which ensure quickness. A printer has to upload the design to the software and give the necessary commands like required quantities, and dimensions. High quality and good looking labels can be produced in a very short time. This helps small business owners, who always require quality labels to suffice their growing business.
  4. Versatile Applications: Colorful digital printed labels are ideal for various applications. They are great for marketing a new product in small quantities, event marketing, proofs for rapid turnarounds, or promoting seasonal and regional goods that are gearing up for promotions. These labels can be used as product, promotional, and catalog labels, as well as coupons.
  5. Small Runs: Many times, small businesses end up buying in bulk to keep their costs low. This can be a major problem in limited storage spaces. As, digital printing requires no setup or plates, thus digital printers allow their clients to order small quantities than various traditional printers. This means small businesses can always buy what they need and can buy it often, too.

Are you a small business considering cost-effective promotional items? You should consider digital labels for the above-mentioned reasons. If you are planning to source them from a reliable source, you can always approach an expert like PLCTX. The company can handle projects as small as 50 labels for the prototype runs to a full-fledged production comprising 2000 and above labels.

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