Custom Promotional Stickers: Why Should You Consider Them for Your Next Campaign

Custom Promotional Stickers: Why Should You Consider Them for Your Next Campaign

Sticker advertising is not new, and it has been around for several years now. Although businesses are going digital and investing in digital marketing, sticker advertising still works. Most of us still get drawn to colorful promotional stickers on doors of shopping malls or other commercial enterprises. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that all promotional stickers look the same. These stickers are available in standard sizes and shapes, but they can also be made in custom specifications. In fact, custom promotional stickers offer several benefits over the regular promotional stickers. Are you interested to know more about it? Read the post to find answers.

Why Custom Promotional Stickers Can Be the Answer to Your Promotional Challenges

Over the years, the demand for custom promotional stickers has grown across industries. This is owing to various reasons ranging from uniqueness to lasting impact to financial advantages. The following reasons will answer why they can be the best choice for your next campaign:

  • Allows You to Stand Out in the Crowd:

    What are the regular sticker shapes? The answer would be square, round, oval, rectangle, and triangle, isn’t it? It is a human tendency to get drawn to new shapes that are different from these. For instance, a buyer of a food item or any other bottled product may be drawn to a new bottle-shaped sticker adorning the bottle. This experimentation with shapes would benefit marketers who are new and wish to capture attention with minimal efforts.

  • Gives You the Flexibility of Information Sharing:

    Custom shapes offer the flexibility of information sharing, too. Although the rules of advertising remain the same, you may get more space for sharing the information. Also, you will get a chance to unleash your creativity. You can experiment with various font styles, colors, and so on.

  • Can Serve as a Gift Item:

    Most businesses invest in gifts at some stage of marketing. Big businesses may invest in attractive gifts such as consumer electronics, cosmetics, printed umbrellas, hats, calendars, and so on. However, small- or mid-sized businesses with restricted budgets can experiment with customized stickers. They can use it for promoting their brand. Customized stickers can be provided with purchases or as giveaways at promotional events. Buyers can retain the colorful stickers with your business information or special promotional information as long as they wish it.

  • Offer Long-term Benefits:

    Colorful and uniquely shaped custom promotional stickers are not easily thrown out. People would retain them for a long time if they have received it at your store or through email. These stickers would remind them of a brand that chose to appreciate their choice. They will think of places to stick these stickers. This makes custom promotional stickers quite different from other forms of promotion, which require regular investment and efforts.

  • Affordability: 

    Like standard promotional stickers, customized stickers are also available in different price ranges. The complexity of shape may be one cost-driving factor, whereas it is negligible in favor of long term benefits that they offer. As said before, other forms of advertising require regular investments, but promotional stickers are a one-time investment. Many promotional sticker manufacturers also offer excellent discounts on bulk orders. So, you can check on them before placing the order.

  • Sharpens Your Brand Identity:

    A promotional sticker is the best way to position your brand into focus. However, it also challenges marketers to become super focused in their ideas. Core information regarding the brand is reinforced during the design phase. This helps sharpen your brand identity, and brings clarity to your business messages.

All these benefits drive businesses to utilize custom promotional stickers for brand promotions. Along with all these, it is also important to source these stickers from an experienced and trusted manufacturer like Performance Label Company (PLCTX), which has been providing custom promotional stickers to its clients for a long time. The company provides logo shaped stickers, photo stickers, sports and helmet stickers, and various other types of stickers.

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