6 Reasons to Consider Promotional Stickers

6 Reasons to Consider Promotional Stickers

Promotional stickers have been around for a while. These stickers have been helping politicians to increase their visibility, companies to gain exposure, and market their brands, and new businesses to start conversations. However, it is seen that not enough attention is being paid by businesses and marketers to address the power of this marketing tool. Here we will discuss 6 reasons why you should take promotional stickers seriously.

6 Benefits of Promotional Stickers

Following are the 6 benefits of regular business stickers, which will help you consider them for your next campaigning, or promotional purpose.

  1. Easy Way to Get into Lives of People: Colorful and branded stickers are the best way to enter into the homes and lives of people. They have come a long way from being plain, rectangular, and white stickers that were mainly adhered to car surfaces. Today, due to advanced printing technologies, these stickers are available in various shapes, sizes, and can be full color printed to attract a customer’s attention. These stickers are used to label everything from windows to laptops, equipment, home appliances, clothes, and more.
  1. Serve as a Brand Statement: Full color printed stickers can create impressive brand statements. Before noticing the product, people are attracted to stickers, and they end up reading information printed on them. A well-designed sticker always creates positive impressions, and influences buying decision of a viewer.
  1. Serve as Personal Endorsements: Today, people are bored of big budget television commercials that interrupt their viewing experience. Advertising has become more permission-based than previous years. However, the power of sticker lies in the fact that when it is positioned on a product or area, it is not considered interruptive. In fact, people appreciate such stickers, which gives them more information about a particular product. Also, when provided in support of a cause, people retain it as an object of pride.
  1. Makes a Complete Gift in Itself: Unlike other promotional gifts, a well-designed sticker serves as a complete gift in itself. Whether handed out individually, or in bulk, people appreciate the stickers over other promotional items such as brochures, business cards, and flyers. Also, they end up sticking them over their home appliances or other easy-to-see places within an office. Colorful stickers are perceived as gifts than advertising items, and people don’t throw them away.
  1. Build Brand Advocates: Business stickers are not always give-away items, however, they are an inexpensive and influential way of brand building. These stickers will be appreciated by people and influence their brand loyalty. They will see these stickers every day, and will be inspired to buy from a particular brand.
  1. Compliment Other Marketing Efforts: Stickers can be used in other ways to enhance other marketing programs. You can direct people to your website or encourage them to land up on your social media page by handing them stickers at the next event. Stickers are proven to improve website traffic, as well as open rates of promotional mailers. Also, full color printed stickers help to raise brand as well as social awareness of a particular message.

You will agree that marketing is about creating relationships and communicating effectively with your customers. Promotional Business stickers can be used in various ways to strengthen the bond that you share with your customers and to keep your marketing budget extremely low. However, like any other marketing form, you will require proper design, planning, and execution to make your sticker advertising work. PLCTX is one such company that helps clients to build effective promotional campaigns by providing them quality stickers.

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