Introduction to Shipping Labels and Their Functionality

Introduction to Shipping Labels and Their Functionality

A shipping label appears to be simple, but it is much more complicated than it seems. You see shipping labels on every delivery package. A shipping label displays the name, address, order number, and order tracking barcode of the delivery package. If an order is not delivered, then there might be an issue with the shipping label. The package delivery system is expanded like a spider’s web, and shipping labels keep the packages centered to timely and correct delivery. Therefore, these labels are a significant part of the packaging and supply chain processes. This post gives insights about the shipping labels and tells how it works.

What is a Shipping Label?

Shipping labels are the labels affixed on the delivery packages such as cans, boxes, and packets used for delivering goods. The shipping labels are specifically designed as humans as well as machine-friendly from the readability point of view. For human utilization, the information is printed on the label itself. On the other hand, the barcode or Maxicode is printed on the label for the machine use. The barcode can be read by any type of barcode scanner and it can provide the information which is stored digitally to the source computer.

What is the Importance of Shipping Labels?

The shipping label is the backbone of any supply chain system. Without a shipping label, it is very difficult to access any essential information regarding the product and the delivery. A shipping label also withholds the information about package sorting via a routing code. This means the customer can have a trustworthy direct link to the package delivery process. The customer can get information about package sorting, the out time of shipment for delivery, the current location of the package, and so on. This information provided by the shipping label makes the supply chain system more trustworthy to the customer.

The access to the information on these shipping labels is only limited to the company that delivers and the customer who receives the package. Any intermediate interference may lead to order misplacement, delay in delivery, order swapping, or missing parcels.

How Does a Shipping Label Work?

The functionality of the shipping labels is quite easy but the complexity of supply chain management makes it a little confusing to understand. The shipping labels function based on the following steps.

    • At first, the company stores the delivery information on a computer system. Then the computer system is connected to a carrier’s tool that helps in creating shipping labels. A suitable template of the shipping label is selected and specific delivery details are filled into it through software.
    • The software then generates a shipping label based on the entered information and then the label is printed on the package.
    • As mentioned earlier, the shipping label displays the delivery information and shipment barcodes.
    • Once the shipment is out for delivery, the information from one warehouse to another warehouse is then updated automatically to the barcode on the shipment label.
    • The current destination of the package gives an idea about the next destination. This is how to step by step, the package is delivered to the customer’s doorstep.
    • On successful delivery, the customer can scan the barcode on their phone and can confirm the delivery.
    • Although, in between the delivery process, the customer can check delivery status by accessing the barcode information via the order ID.
    • Upon confirmation of the delivery from the customer, the shipping label is disabled by the shipment company.

Although generating shipping labels is an online process, it is very important to be done with meticulous attention to detail. Otherwise, the whole supply chain management might go wrong. Therefore, it is important to outsource professionally printed shipping labels from trusted companies like Performance Label Company (PLC). The company has been in the wholesale label printing business since 1983. With their extensive experience, they can create appropriate shipping labels for your company. They not only use templates but also customize the shipping labels according to your needs. They have been working with e-commerce businesses, packaging and supply chain companies across industries for a long time.

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