Are Clear Labels the Choice for Your Business?

Are Clear Labels the Choice for Your Business?

Labels are an integral part of most businesses which require to display important or mandatory information on their products. There is a variety of labels available in the market, and you can even customize them to suit your business requirements. However, if you are in doubt, clear labels would almost always work for you. Clear labels or transparent labels, as they are called, can be used to print pictures or information in any color. So, clear labels offer a lot of flexibility and scope for creativity to brand your product. This post talks about clear labels and their benefits at length.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Clear Labels?

Clear labels for some may indicate transparency which is absolutely essential in any business and when promoting your product. Here are a few reasons why you using clear labels may be a good choice for your business growth:

  • Clear or transparent labels are pretty simple in terms of look and use, and yet very flexible.
  • If you do not have any particular color, shape or design of a label on your mind, they are always the best option.
  • Their simple, natural, and transparent look would be especially appealing if your products are all-natural and organic such as soaps, shampoos, body lotions, food supplements, honey, and so on.
  • Nowadays, selling raw chopped fresh and organically-grown vegetables and fruits is a big business that seems only set to grow. You can brand your packed veggies and fruits in clear labels.
  • If you have colored bottles or packs, clear labels with the content printed in a contrast color go well with them.
  • This works well for everything you associate with as clear, simple, pure, and natural. The products may range from baby soaps and oils to organic floor cleaners.
  • You can mix clear and colored labels as well, especially if you have a strategy behind doing so. For instance, if you want to indicate the mixing of contents before use, you can use a clear label half of the bottle and your standard color on the other half. Some successful brands have tried it.
  • At times, a no-label look may be something you can try. The clear label pasted on a transparent bottle with contents in black give a feel of the contents being printed directly in the bottle.
  • In fact, it is a good idea to highlight your product color such as your shampoo color by packaging it in a transparent bottle with a clear label. The bottle can have a unique shape such as pentagonal or hexagonal with a tapering end on one side. In this case you can paste a clear label vertically.
  • Apart from using clear labels for your business, you can use them for personalized gifting, event promotions, weddings, and so on.
  • By using clear labels, you save a lot on costs and time, especially because pre-printed jars and containers are really expensive. Also, you can design your own labels and simply get them printed.
  • Good-quality clear labels stick well and do not come off easily. They are durable and waterproof. This is especially useful when reusing and washing the emptied jars for household purposes. If at all you want to remove the sticker when reusing, you can do so without damaging the surface of the jar or container as long as you opt for labels with a good-quality adhesive.

If you have your own packaged products and need clear labels, ensure you source them from reliable manufacturers and suppliers who can help you with the required content, design, and size. Performance Label Company (PLC) provides a variety of pressure-sensitive labels and bumper stickers for personal and commercial uses. The company has been providing clear labels for the last 30 years.

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