The Benefits of Business and Promotional Cut-to-Size Stickers

The Benefits of Business and Promotional Cut-to-Size Stickers

When an organization is conducting a marketing campaign and needs to choose marketable products or free corporate gifts, business and promotional stickers are one of the solutions suggested.

However, some companies are reluctant to use these products in their marketing campaigns. The reason? Many standard stickers do not have certain aspects or qualities required by the companies. Examples of these include unsuitable sizes, low-quality materials, and short service lives.

However, corporate organizations can now rest easy. We at Performance Label Company (PLC) provide a solution for such specific requirements – promotional cut to size stickers.

Advantages of Business Cut to Size Stickers from PLC

Custom cut to size stickers are the perfect solution for organizations, which require bulk stickers for marketing and promotional campaigns. They can be made from scratch with different materials depending on their application areas. They are designed to be convenient in terms of installation, and durable in terms of service life.

The following points showcase the various benefits of business cut-to-size stickers.

  • Material Options: We provide a choice of more than 20 materials to create custom stickers. We can also use specialized materials to address issues such as scratches moisture, and abrasion.
  • Large Die Inventory: We store and use over 1,000 types of dies to meet every requirement. This allows us to create stickers of any shape and size, in small and bulk quantities.
  • Assorted Sticker Designs: We can design the stickers in simple shapes like oval, round, and square, or even in specialized shapes. By designing custom stickers, the appeal of your marketing message will increase multi-fold.
  • Coloring Options: Our 1 to 7 spot and 4 color printing processes allow us to produce distinctive stickers that will attract the attention of any customer.

We utilize Flexo Press’s for all orders. Hence, we can take on orders comprising over 1,000 labels. So dispel those old beliefs about stickers. Try out PLC’s new promotional cut to size stickers, and see the results for yourselves.

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