All Questions about Customization of Bumper Stickers Answered

All Questions about Customization of Bumper Stickers Answered

Bumper stickers are not an alien concept anymore. They have been very around for several years and have been admired or despised equally. Earlier, they were available in only a few designs and styles. People used them to express their lifestyle, views, and opinions on their cars. Nowadays, with the advancement in printing and designing technologies, these stickers are available in various designs and styles. This is because people love experimenting with bumper stickers, and they want to customize them to match their styles. Although this sounds easy, customization of stickers becomes challenging due to multiple reasons. Firstly, these stickers will be seen by several people when you go out, so you cannot go wrong with styles. Next, you may have concerns about whether they would damage your car once you plan to remove them. Additionally, you may also be skeptical if these stickers can withstand weather elements if you are driving home in bad weather or if the car gets stranded somewhere due to bad weather. This post aims to answer these questions and all other queries related to the customization of bumper stickers.

Factors That Matter While Making Customized Bumper Stickers

The following are some factors that make a huge impact on the customization of bumper stickers.

  • Quotes and Graphics:

    Bumper stickers can be customized with quotes. People often go for attractive quotes and relatable graphics on the same. For example, Dog lovers add dog paw stickers alongside the written quote. You must go for a quote and graphics that suit your personality and lifestyle.

  • Choice of Material:

    What material should I use for the sticker? There is a wide range of materials available for car stickers. You can choose from materials from vinyl, white vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, polyester, Tyvek, foil paper, fluorescent paper, etc. Some of these materials are compatible with all types of car surfaces, glass, fabric, and metal but some sticker materials are not suitable for all surfaces. Therefore, the sticker material must be chosen by considering the surface quality.

  • Sticker Properties:

    Just like cars, car stickers are also exposed to a harsh environment. The bumper stickers are always exposed to dust, smoke, harsh sunlight, high car exhaust temperature, water splashes, rain, and many more. Therefore, you must consider properties like water resistance, adhesive strength, UV protection, color durability, etc. These properties make the bumper sticker immune to a harsh environment so that it lasts longer.

  • Sticker Finishes:

    There are several types of sticker surface finishes, and you can get bumper stickers customized in any sticker surface. There are choices available as glossy finishes, matt finished, perforated film, etc.

  • Adhesive Material:

    Often the adhesive materials like vinyl, white vinyl are used as adhesive glue material for car stickers. However, there are transparent adhesive sprays also available for the on-off type of bumper stickers.

  • Durability:

    Bumper stickers are generally durable for 3 to 6 years. Depending on the material, type of exposure, and adhesive, you can select the stickers with required durability.

To customize the bumper cases of your choice, you must get it done from a trusted manufacturer like Performance Label Company (PLC). The company offers quality manufacturing services for customized bumper stickers and promotional stickers. It uses different types of printing technologies like laminate, UV, fanfold, 4-color, spot color, and digital label printing to assure quality printing.

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