Top 5 Myths about Custom Stickers

Top 5 Myths about Custom Stickers

Top 5 Myths about Customer Stickers

Why are stickers designed? No matter, whatever business you are into the main aim of creating stickers is always making an impact. This is where you can think of ordering custom stickers. If you are trying it for the first time, you are ought to be disturbed with various questions. This post aims at answering some common queries that most people have regarding the custom stickers.

5 Misconceptions about Custom Wholesale Stickers Debunked

Most people are apprehensive about ordering custom stickers due to various reasons. The following are a few reasons:

  • Custom Stickers will Add No Value to My Campaign

This is the biggest fear of all. As the name suggests, custom stickers are the ones that are designed in specific shapes, and sizes. These stickers will definitely stand out from others. Experienced manufacturers will provide you plenty of options to choose from different stock materials, sizes, die cuts, quantities, and spaces. A good printing service will also help you make the right selection. When you make such a wise investment, why should it fail?

  • Custom Stickers Have Limited Uses

This is not right. There are various ways, in which you can easily utilize these stickers. Custom cut-to-size stickers can be used for tagging, promoting discounts, packaging, promotions, and several other things. As with any standard sticker, you are only limited by your imagination, when it comes to custom stickers.

  • Quality Custom Stickers aren’t Affordable

Price is one of the major concerns for businesses of all sizes, however, there are a few who care about value, too. There are lots of printing services that offer cheap stickers. The cheaper stickers will help you save money, but they will do harm to your brand than good. If you feel that the brand is important, then cheap stickers will cost your business! A little research is all you need to identify manufacturers of quality stickers, who assure affordable prices.

  • Cut-to-Size Stickers are Better Than Rolled-out Stickers

It is difficult to judge, which is better than the other. Both these types can be convenient for you. Cut-to-size stickers are easy to gift, mail, and hand out during promotional events. However, rolled-out stickers are easy to peel, store, or dispense, and don’t have any loose leaves either.

Both these types are available in different order sizes. For example, some manufacturers may allow you to order cut-to-size stickers in quantities as low as 200 pieces, whereas some others would want you to order textured or clear stickers in rolls. The choice is entirely yours.

  • Wholesale Custom Stickers have Poor Quality

This is a misconception because the quality will entirely depend on your choice. Although there are many manufacturers agreeing to print wholesale custom stickers in cheaper stock, there are many others who will allow you to select the quality stock. Thus, the choice is only yours. If you have decided to invest in the poor stock, then the results will be dismal. Hence, take care to select the stock material, which can easily withstand the various environment and people.

Do you still have doubts about the success of your custom stickers? You should get in touch with experts, who will help you realize the benefits of the same. Performance Label Company (PLCTX) is one of the leading providers of custom wholesale labels in the US.

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