Ways to Brand your Health and Beauty Business Through Labels

Ways to Brand your Health and Beauty Business Through Labels

Almost all businesses need branding and marketing of their products and services. The way it is done largely depends upon the industry, it’s a specific segment, type of product or service, budget, and so on. Healthcare and beauty products are branded in a peculiar way as they need to attract the right customer segments, as well as give all the vital and statutory information through their branding exercise. This includes the materials or ingredients used in a product, manufacturing date, best before date, and so on. This is mandatory information; however, they also need to make it attractive and appealing. This can be done with the right kind of colors and content your brand represents. Although advertising through various media is one of the ways of branding and marketing your products, making the right labels on your product packs or jars contributes a lot and at a much lesser cost. This post discusses the ways to brand your healthcare and cosmetics businesses by making the right kind of health and beauty labels and more.

Creative Ways to Make Health and Beauty Labels and Other Branding Tools

Health and beauty labels can be creatively designed keeping in mind the statutory pointers and artistic aspects. Here are a few factors you may want to consider when making health and beauty labels.

  • For instance, if you have a cosmetics brand comprising lip colors, lip balms, nail colors, and so on, opt for vibrant colors such as pink and purple which will resemble these products. Choose a plain health and beauty label and mention the product details such as date and ingredients on the pack on one side, while a colorful logo and brand name on the other. If the product is packed in a small container, such as for lip balms, you can creatively design the container cap.

  • If you have a counter in a retail store or an advertising space, consider a paper or cardboard stand out which has a good length. On this, focus more on the brand name, color, and logo, and less on the statutory content. Focus only on the unique words in your content that want the customer to read; for instance, paraben-free or organic, and so on.

  • Use vibrant colors for your cosmetics, but ensure to match the colors with your theme. If your brand is herbal or organic, introduce an earthen tone in between. For herbal products, you can give the main herb’s picture on the label. You can customize your health and beauty labels accordingly.

  • Packaging tape is one such tool where you can print the required information or at least the brand name and logo. Although many people would throw away the tape when opening the pack, most of them would glance at it at least a couple of times.

  • Printing the required content on a thin transparent label and pasting it across the bottle or jar is a wonderful idea. This is because these labels have a good quality of adhesive and hence they don’t come off easily. It stays there until the product is being used. Also, this costs much lesser than directly printing on the bottles and jars. This concept is widely applicable to all healthcare and cosmetic products.

  • In fact, for cosmetics focused on specific flavors or aromas, you can introduce the smell on the label. You will commonly find it on perfume bottles, but you can use it for hand creams and moisturizing lotions too. In this case, the user or buyer needs to scratch the label in one area and smell it to check the fragrance. This is a wonderful idea for aromatherapy products, essential oils, and so on.

  • If you have offers or discounts on your products, make separate, attractive labels to paste on your collection stand or wherever you plan to promote your products.

Are you a business owner of a health or beauty product? If yes, you may need creatively designed informative labels for packaging and advertising. However, ensure you source them from a reliable label maker and supplier who would understand what you are looking for. Performance Label Company (PLC) has a variety of designs of health and beauty labels at competitive prices. Also, they give you the freedom to add your own artwork.

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