How to Effectively Use Safety and Warning Labels During Pandemic?

How to Effectively Use Safety and Warning Labels During Pandemic?

COVID-19 can be rightly described as one of the most unfortunate events in recent times. Most countries have imposed restrictions on human movements. As a result, many businesses have instituted work from home to avoid human interactions. Going by news, many businesses in the US and other countries have resumed their operations while trying to adapt to the new normal. Although the future remains uncertain, there are several safety considerations to be made while allowing people to resume to work. This is where safety and warning labels may help. How these labels can be an asset to any business owner looking to resume the business? Stay tuned to know more.

Various Uses of Safety and Warning Labels During COVID-19

Creating a safe and healthy workplace is an important requisite for any business looking for ways to resume its operations. Although it is equally challenging for all types of business, safety is particularly excruciating for retail outlets or businesses that experience huge traffic on any regular day. The following types of safety and warning labels can be of great use in such situations.

  • Safety Instruction Labels:

    These labels can be used to communicate safety instructions to people reporting to the office. It is always better to stick these labels in high touch areas or commonly accessible areas in the office. Here are some ways you can utilize safety labels to instruct people reporting to work.

    • Use vinyl floor stickers to instruct employees to follow certain rules when they are at the office. Vinyl floor stickers can be a great idea if you are implementing a one-way system in your retail store. You draw arrows to instruct employees to follow a certain path or to lead them to an alternative entrance or exit that you have opened to avoid crowding. Also, you can use them to develop content related to social distancing rules. The floor stickers can be used to separate customers and staff at your workplace, and to remind your staff to wear masks while reporting to work.

    • You can use colorful window stickers to instruct people visiting your premises. The stickers can be used to warn them about the potential dangers of touching knobs or the importance of sanitizing hands, wearing masks, and so on.

    • Washrooms or cafeterias are the areas which are accessed by most people in the office. So, it is important to install visually appealing stickers in these areas to instruct people to avoid crowding, sanitizing hands regularly, and so on.

    • If you are into food and restaurant business you can use flyers or leaflets to spread information about the safety measures to be followed. You can also include small stickers with takeaways to inform your customers regarding the safety measures adopted by the company.

    • In the US, many state governments have mandated business organizations to use safety labels at entrances to inform staff and guests about OSHA regulations, WHO or CDC guidelines, and so on.

    • A neatly printed magnetic vehicle sticker can also do wonders for your food truck business. A sticker informing people about dos and don’ts in their daily lives or instructions to be followed while buying their takeaways can be of great help.

  • Warning Labels:

    They work similar to warning labels that are used by businesses to differentiate hazardous areas in their facilities. However, the only difference here is the labels are created for informing people about the disease and its hazards. Like safety labels, these labels can be used in key areas of the office or high traffic areas.

    • If you own a retail outlet, perhaps, there are chances that people may visit the store following guidelines. However, there are chances that some people may come without masks. So you can caution them with window stickers highlighting the perils of not using a mask and so on.
    • Warning labels can also be used by business owners to avoid crowding at the office or their workplaces.
    • Warning labels can be utilized as notice by local authorities to caution people regarding quarantine zones and penalties that may be leveled if someone enters such areas.
    • These labels can be used as floor markers in public places and at farmer markets to help people from stepping on each other and reminding them to follow the distancing rule.

Owing to the abundant varieties in safety and warning labels, you can explore creative ways of utilizing them in your facility. However, the only requisite is that these labels must be sourced from trusted manufacturers or suppliers. PLCTX has been providing wholesale label printing services to printers, brokers, and resellers for several years now. Recently, the company has helped several of its clients to print safety and warning labels that can be used to curb the effects of outspread of coronavirus.

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