Tips to Make Effective Safety and Warning Labels

Tips to Make Effective Safety and Warning Labels

Safety and warning labels are informative labels used to warn users about risks associated with any product, system, place, and so on. Generally, safety labels contain short information, which is printed in bright colors to attract people’s attention. Therefore, it is highly crucial to make effective warning and safety labels to ensure the well-being of everyone. This post introduces you to some important tips to follow while creating effective safety and warning labels.

How to Make Efficient Safety and Warning Labels?

Safety and warning labels play a crucial role across premises, including industries, schools, public places, and so on. This is because they give a message that ensures the safety of the people around them. Hence, it is important to follow the following tips while making safety and warning labels:

• Clear and Readable Writing:

As said before, safety and warning labels are used for warning and safety-keeping purposes. Therefore, it is essential to write the message on these labels in a simple and readable font. The font size should be kept at maximum, enabling users to read from a distance. It is always better to avoid fancy fonts when creating these labels. This is because such fonts will take away the purpose of the label and aren’t easy to decode from a distance

• Easy-to-Understand Language:
The next step is to stick to a language that is easily understandable to everyone. For this, this initial step is to choose the right language which is understandable by the people of a particular region where you will be applying the label. Secondly, using simple and meaningful words can help in conveying a safety or warning message in the most comprehensive manner.

• Choose the Right Word Signals:
You must have seen that there are different warning signals used as the headline of a particular safety message. Some of these signal words include:

o Caution: This word indicates that the situation or place can cause injuries, which may not be serious in nature.

o Danger: This word gives a serious warning to people to stay safe in extreme conditions, which may lead to accidents and, in many cases, death.

o Notice: The word is used to denote a non-dangerous message or warning.

o Warning: Warning provides a serious cautionary statement.

o Safety Instructions: This tells the readers to follow certain instructions for safety.

• Using the Right Symbols:
A picture speaks more than words. Therefore, symbols are one of the most important add-ons for a warning label. In case you have limited writing space, you can add a meaningful symbol to convey the actual message.

• Choosing Durable Label Material:
Mostly, warning labels are used in harsh environments like construction areas, water danger zones, and so on. Here, it is crucial to use high-quality, durable material that can resist environmental effects.

• Label Format:
There are different label formats, among which some include only pictograms and symbols, and some contain idioms for conveying the message. Therefore, while designing a warning label, it is essential to follow a proper ISO label format that will suit the intended message.

• Shape and Color of the Label:
Safety and warning labels can be designed in a variety of shapes, including circles, hexagons, squares, rectangles, and so on. You can choose one as per the environment and message size. In contrast, choosing attractive label colors like red, yellow, orange, and so on is very important.

The tips mentioned above can help you in designing precise safety and warning labels for your business or premises. With such an important role to play, it is crucial to outsourcing these labels from trusted brands like Performance Label Company. The company specializes in different types of labels and stickers. The company manufactures high-quality safety and warning labels for use in various harsh environments. In addition, PLCTX also provides ultimate customization from color to message. Get in touch with the company today to discuss your order.

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