Six Ways to Turnaround Your Product Label into Success

Six Ways to Turnaround Your Product Label into Success

Supermarket shelves have spoilt our choices. When we walk through the supermarket aisle, it is quite obvious to see endless products in any category. Our product selection is driven by factors such as price, quality, brand value, and many more. The product label is the first thing that captures our attention and influences our decisions. In short, these labels showcase a brand personality and easily percolate into our consciousness. This is why nowadays, brands are keen to design these labels with attractive, yet thoughtful features to attract and appeal a wide customer base. Having said this, designing these labels needn’t be complicated. They can be easily designed with few proven design strategies. This post discusses six strategies to help brands design product labels that help showcase their brands in good light to customers and boost their conversions.

Six Effective Product Label Design Strategies Discussed

Product labels must be designed with utmost care to evoke responses from buyers. The following pointers will help build attractive product labels.

1.Make the Label Interactive: Gone are the days when people used to buy products purely enticed by visual appeal. Today, they would like to buy from a brand that keeps them engaged and takes their opinions seriously. So, you can try making your labels interactive by adding scannable codes, interactive holograms, optical illusions, hidden images, and so on.

2. Create a Label That is “Memorable”: A colorful label can work in your favor, but they tend to lose charm after a certain point. This is where you can go a step ahead and make your label memorable. You can hide small secrets beneath the labels to encourage buyers to retain them. For instance, you can create scratch-off labels with a code that can help customers save on their purchases or start a series of activity, which would keep customers engaged. They can collect these labels until an activity is completed and redeem them in their nearby brand store or through the online app.

3. Focus on Reusability: With carbon emissions and environmental impact making big news, customers are keen to buy from brands that help them meet their green goals. Having said so, if you support these causes, you need to be careful about label designs. First, choose a material that is not harmful to the environment or the people using them. Next, try to make the label design reusable. This means, people can peel them off and stick them to their refrigerators or use them as decorative item, or in other ways.

4. Try to Make Designs More Relatable and Funny: This aspect is quite important, as people may get bored of seeing labels with a brand logo, product content, and costs imprinted on them. You can make the designs more funny and relatable. For instance, if your brand likes to raise awareness, you can create labels that take a potshot of the cause closer to your brand. Or you can stick with a design that stirs brand awareness while playing with humor, such as wordplays or word games, puns, and so on.

5. Choose a Color Combination That Celebrates Your Brand Vigor: People are drawn to brands that address them uniquely in every season or special occasions. For instance, some brands may offer discounts on occasions like Women’s Day, AIDs awareness day, Veterans Day and others. Some brands may be more season specific such as winter, summer, autumn, and so on. They can promote their products with special-edition labels with unique color schemes.

6. Do Not Forget to Keep it Simple: Although all the above tips are helpful, it is always important to keep the label clutter free and simple. Refrain from overdoing it, try to strike a balance between elegance and simplicity, without compromising on the important information that you want to display.

The above-discussed strategies would work perfectly for any brand, regardless of their business size. Aside from these, it is important to invest in quality labels after all customers may not want to invest in a brand that gets away with cheaper labels. This is where Performance Label Company can help. It is a wholesale label company that caters to brokers, printers, and resellers across the US. It has been at the forefront of label and sticker printing for several years and understands the changing trends. Get in touch with the experts at the company to discuss your specific label printing requirements.

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