Know About Safety and Warning Labels

Know About Safety and Warning Labels

Labeling is an important part of the packaging and branding a product. While a label can be creatively designed to suit your business needs, it must have basic information regarding the contents, date, weight, and so on. This is common for almost all products. However, there are some products that require safety and warning labels as part of law and regulation. For instance, some hazardous materials, alcohol, cigarette packs, and so on require safety and warning labels as part of different laws. Most of the time, the content, color, and so on are specific. This post discusses the details of these labels.

Types of Safety and Warning Labels

There are various types of safety and warning labels based on products and their legal mandates. Here are a few mandatory safety and warning label types:

  • Safety labels for hazardous materials:

    Packaging and transportation of hazardous chemicals, acids, abrasive materials, and so on needs to be done according to the required law and regulation. This is crucial because of the sheer toxicity and other harmful properties of these materials.

  • Alcohol labels:

    There are side effects and health issues related to excess consumption of alcohol, and almost everyone knows about this. However, alcohol manufacturers are required to print a statutory warning on their products regarding age limit, excess consumption, and the repercussions on human health. Also, the exact content on the label would differ based on the type of alcohol such as beer, wine, and so on. The same applies for cigarettes and any form of tobacco or nicotine products.

  • Prop 65 regarding marketing of goods:

    A few goods are manufactured to be sold in specific states and regions, and the Prop 65 law clarifies the same. If a product is to be sold in select states, the same needs to be mentioned on the label on its packaging. It is illegal to sell these products outside of the mentioned states or regions or countries on the label.

  • Specific drugs:

    Some drugs like cannabis are legalized in specific states in the US, while in most other states they are banned. The required warning and safety content needs to be mentioned on such drug packs with approval from local and state governments.

  • Medicines:

    Some medicines cannot be sold over the counter and need a doctor’s prescription. It is mandatory that this content is mentioned on the medicine packaging, and the pharmacy salesperson cannot sell it without reading the prescription. Certain medicines and medical equipment also have labeling norms, especially when in transit.

  • Child safety warning labels:

    Products such as plastic toys made for children need to have a safety label saying the material used is safe for kids. This is primarily because children have a tendency of putting toys in their mouth or sucking their fingers. This applies to other accessories for kids such as car seats, plastic bottles, and so on. Also, the manufacturer needs to mention safe usage guidelines on the packaging.

If you manufacture a product that requires safety and warning labels, ensure you source it from a supplier who is experienced, aware of the legal implications if this is not done correctly. Performance Label Company (PLC) provides various safety and warning labels complying with specific standards. The company offers these labels with a superior quality adhesive so that they do not come off easily and are waterproof.

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