Things You Should Know About Pressure Sensitive Labels : Part 2

Things You Should Know About Pressure Sensitive Labels : Part 2

Pressure-sensitive labels are highly versatile label solution that offers limitless design possibilities to enhance a product’s brand image. In the last post, we have gone through the importance and the three major elements that make a pressure-sensitive label such as a face stock, adhesive, and liner. As a continuation, this post discusses the advantages, applications, and things to consider when choosing this cost-effective pressure-sensitive label solution.

Why Purchase a Pressure-Sensitive Label

Pressure-Sensitive Labels don’t require heat, solvent, or any substance to adhere to the package. The most common method for printing a pressure-sensitive label is flexography, which allows printing on plastic, metal, paper, food packaging, or any substance of your choice. This is one of the greatest advantages of the labels that contribute to their wide popularity. The other prominent advantages of pressure-sensitive labels are:

  • They help make your product stand out amongst other products, whilst also creating a recognizable image of your product among the consumers.
  • Pressure-sensitive labels help the customer to understand the product quickly, which would help in driving the sales of the product.
  • Pressure-sensitive labels can be easily customized to suit your specific packaging and labeling needs.
  • Available in various shapes and sizes, these labels help make a strong first impression with your customer.

Things to Keep in Mind while Investing in Pressure Sensitive Labels

Getting a unique eye-catching label for your product is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment. However, choosing the right label as per the application requirements holds great significance to get the expected end result. Hence, you must consider the following points before making a selection.

  • Choose your face stock material, adhesive, and liner depending on your product and application.
  • Consider the conditions existing in the application area such as the temperature range, humidity, UV exposure, among others.
  • Consider the application method, is it by hand or machine?
  • Understand the product requirements such as the shape and size of the container or packaging, where the label will be placed, and product shelf life.
  • Consider the regulatory compliance, if you are working in FDA regulated industries.

Applications of the Labels

Pressure-sensitive labels are used in various industries like automotive chemical, food, and beverages, medical, electronics, among several others. They can be found on:

  • Bottles
  • Chemical Pails
  • Household goods
  • Food and beverages packaging
  • Containers

There are many people out there who make these pressure-sensitive labels, but getting a trustworthy provider who wouldn’t compromise on their quality and give the best product is a bang for your bucks. Consider partnering with leading names such as Performance Label Company, who have been designing and printing high-quality, competitively priced wholesale pressure-sensitive labels for almost three decades now.

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