Things You Should Know About Pressure Sensitive Labels: Part 1

Things You Should Know About Pressure Sensitive Labels: Part 1

Do you have a product? Are you looking for a perfect label for it? Well, product manufacturers do need a label for their products with a nice artwork, barcode, or catchy text to make their product stands out in the crowd. However, getting a label can be a bit expensive too, if you are not aware of the available options. What if you could have a cost-effective and user-friendly label that helps enhance your product’s brand image? This is where pressure-sensitive labels come into place. Eager to know what a pressure-sensitive label is? Read the post to know more.

What is a Pressure Sensitive Label?

As the name suggests, a pressure sensitive label is a label with adhesive on its back, which helps to stick the label onto any surface easily. They help brand your product by allowing printing the logo, artwork or tag line of your products.

Types of Layers in a Pressure Sensitive Label

Pressure sensitive label is nothing but a label with three layers, which all together forms a “Label Sandwich”. Let’s take a close look at all the three layers.

  • 1.Facestock:

    As the name suggests, this layer is the face of your label (stock), in which the art work, brand label, or anything that signifies your product is being printed. The materials of facestock used vary from foil, film, and paper. On the material you can choose the color, design, and text of your choice. Also if you wish to apply a protective coat to prevent the fading of the design or artwork, then choose a layer of laminate or a top coat.

  • 2.Adhesive:

    As the word says, adhesive is the layer that helps your label to stick to the surface of your product. The kind of adhesive you choose can vary depending on the surface of the application area or the kind of environment you would be using it at, like warm, cold, wet or dry environment. The kind of adhesive you choose plays a huge role as the improper selection leads to the label peel off from the surface easily. The adhesive comes already applied on the sheet, roll or label when received by you.

  • 3.Liner:

    This is the most important layer which is the backing material of the label. The material of the liner can vary from a wide range of choices like paper, film, bleached papers, unbleached papers, semi bleached papers, craft paper, and so on. The liner, which supports the label through manufacturing and use, performs several crucial functions like transferring adhesive to Facestock, protecting adhesive, supporting appropriate label application, among others.

Getting a perfect label for your product is important, as it is the one that gives your product the identity and image from which people recognize your brand or product. However, to make the right label for your product, you should know more about pressure-sensitive label. Stay tuned for the next blog and learn more about pressure-sensitive labels.

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