5 Popular Types of Stickers Explained

5 Popular Types of Stickers Explained

Stickers have a significant role to play when it comes to product identification and promotion. Considered as the cheapest form of marketing tool, stickers also enhance the appearance of the product packaging. Several types of stickers are available that help obtains positive impressions for your brand at no cost. They are available in several sorts of sizes and shapes that can be effectively used for marketing and branding. So, what are the popular types of stickers available for marketers? This post lists a few amongst the commonly used types.

Which are the 5 Commonly Used Stickers

Stickers, which represent the characteristics of products, allow customers to distinguish one brand from another. What kind of sticker is right for your product? Glance through the types listed below to make the right selection.

  • Logo Stickers:

    Turn your logo into a custom sticker and make a lasting impression of your brand in the minds of customers. These durable and long-lasting stickers can be handed over to your customers as giveaways or can be stuck over promotional materials for creating an impact. You can make even the most intricate cut patterns and internal cuts on vinyl material in any shape and size as per your business requirements.

  • Clear Stickers:

    Clear stickers are water and oil resistant stickers that are widely used to promote your business, window signage, or the next big event. Mostly printed on premium weatherproof vinyl, clear stickers can be die-cut in any shape and can be UV coated to give more abrasion resistance. These custom stickers with clear backing are a great way to make your design stand out in the crowd.

  • Die-Cut Stickers:

    Die-cut stickers that are precisely cut to the shape of your design can be adhered to any smooth surface, indoors or outside. Easily made in any size and shape and quantity, die-cut stickers are scratch, moisture, and sunlight resistant. The stickers offer endless customization possibilities, thereby making them suitable for your business promotion or for your own personal branding.

  • Photo Stickers:

    Turn all your favorite photos into stickers and use them to promote your business or enhance your image in the marketplace. Most photo stickers are made with vinyl material and can be pasted on mugs, wine bottles, lockers, laptops, the fridge, or envelopes for invitations, among others. They stick strong but remove cleanly; go ahead and customize photo stickers that offer a great way to personalize and cherish your memories.

  • Bumper Stickers:

    When you have a message and you want to convey the same to a large number of people, then make use of bumper stickers. Made of waterproof vinyl, every bumper sticker is printed in full color to convey your commercial, religious, secular, humorous messages. Stick your own message or design in any shape and color to your car, truck, or any smooth surface and let the crowd read it!

Stickers, as mentioned earlier, thus helps in product identification, enhance brand image, and convey information. Considering the benefits they offer, marketers and product manufacturers are taking more and more consciousness in selecting the right type of stickers for their specific branding applications. Would you like to source these high quality stickers to grab the attention of customers? Then get them from leading names like The Performance Label Company (PLC), who have gained popularity as a wholesale label company meeting specific requirements of customers across markets.

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