Pressure Sensitive Labels- The Rising Trend in Craft Beer Industry – Part I

Pressure Sensitive Labels- The Rising Trend in Craft Beer Industry – Part I

If you ask, which industry is here to stay for a long, the answer would be divided. However, the one such industry, which holds immense importance is the – label industry.  Be it any small product, equipment, or machine, a label carries huge importance. It is something, which gives all the necessary information about the product. Depending upon the product, the type of label used varies. Among the many types of labels available in the market, there is one, which is referred to as a pressure-sensitive label, or pressure-sensitive craft beer label. As the name suggests, these labels are most commonly used on craft beer cans, and bottles. Interested to know more about these labels, and why they are used in the craft beer market increasingly? Read the following 2-post series to find out.

What are Pressure Sensitive Labels?

Before proceeding with the reasons for using pressure-sensitive labels (PSLs) in the beer industry, you need to understand what these labels are. This will help you get a clear picture of its benefits explained in the next section.

These labels are made up of three layers, namely, a backing sheet, a pressure-sensitive adhesive, and a face material. The backing sheet has a coating of release agent. When pressure is applied to the pressure-sensitive adhesive, it forms a strong bond between the adhesive and the adhered. They are basically stickers, which are pre-printed on a paper, and then glued to the bottles or cans. The PSLs can either come by the roll or printed on a sheet of paper, whichever way one wants.

How Do Pressure Sensitive Labels Benefit the Beer Industry?

These labels are being used in the said industry for a number of benefits that they offer. These benefits are as follows:

  1. Efficient Automated Labeling: A variety of labeling equipment is being used for the purpose of wrapping bottles and cans efficiently. Different types of equipment include:
  • Table-top Wrap System: This is a simple, and cost-effective equipment used to wrap labels to the bottles.
  • Conveyor Wrap System: As the name implies, this equipment has a conveyor, which moves the wrapped bottles to the next stage, and brings unwrapped bottles or cans for labeling.
  • Labeler: This is the equipment used when there is a requirement to apply more than one label to a bottle.

The label is removed from the liner and applied to the bottle. Now, how does it explain the fact that these labels are best suited for the beer industry? Well, the process of applying pressure-sensitive labels is clean and efficient. To add to this advantage, the automatic applicators ensure that the labels are applied fast, and straight.

  1. Deliver Variety of Shapes: Another major advantage of these labels is that they can be die-cut into literally any size and shape. Thus, no matter what the shape or size the bottle has, it has got a PSL that fits perfectly. This gives a wide scope to creativity. You can design PSLs in out-of-the-box shapes, and make the bottles or cans to which they are applied to look attractive.

This is not all. There are a few more benefits of using pressure-sensitive labels in the beer industry. Want to know what are they? The upcoming post will be discussing some more benefits. Stay tuned!

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