Pressure Sensitive Labels- The Rising Trend in Craft Beer Industry – Part II

Pressure Sensitive Labels- The Rising Trend in Craft Beer Industry – Part II

In the previous post, we have discussed a few benefits of pressure-sensitive labels (PSLs) in the beer industry. As promised, this post will discuss a few more benefits. This doesn’t end here. Also, discussed in the following post are some facts and figures, which will help you understand the importance of these labels. Read on to know more.

How Do Pressure Sensitive Labels Benefit the Beer Industry?

Apart from the clean and efficient application process of these labels, and the capability of being available in any shape and size, there are some more reasons why the PS labels are making their presence felt in the craft beer industry. The following are the reasons, which are actually the benefits of these labels:

  • Long-lasting Material: There are various paper-based labels, which are used in several applications. The problem with these labels is that they are unable to deliver performance in wet environments. Thus, if you are looking for a type of label, which is capable to deliver strong bonds, even in wet application environments, the pressure-sensitive labels are the right choice to make. These labels don’t lose their stickiness even after they come in contact with water. The beer bottles and cans are chilled, which is what makes them wet with condensed water droplets. The PS labels used on these cans and bottles have a strong bond with their adhered.
  • Less Set-up Time: The final, and another striking beneficial feature of these labels is that they can be printed using a digital press, which requires less set-up time. This saved time allows you to choose the minimum and maximum order quantity of your choice. Thus, you can place an order for these labels in varying quantities.
  • Better Print Quality: When it comes to labeling a product, one of the major concerns is the print quality. Bad print of a label can hamper the sale of that particular product. Thus, one needs to have high-quality labels. This is where the pressure-sensitive labels come into the picture. They have a better print quality as compared to any other type of label.

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Talking About the Numbers

Let’s have a look at some numbers, which will make it clear, what (besides its benefits) is driving the popularity of these labels.

  1. Around 90% of labels used in the wine industry are pressure sensitive labels.
  2. About 75% of the labels used in the spirit industry are PS labels.
  3. 40% of the beer industry is known to use these revolutionary labels.
  4. The efficiency of the pressure-sensitive labels is around 15% more than that of the other labels.
  5. Since 1970, the use of these labels has increased from a mere 5% to an astonishing 65% today. That is 60% rise in about 50 years.

These numbers are taken from an expert interview.

All the benefits discussed in this and the previous post clearly explain why using pressure-sensitive labels is beneficial for the craft beer industry. However, it is important to check for the quality of the label before buying it. To avoid the issues that may arise in the future after buying bad quality PS labels, it is advisable to source these labels from trusted manufacturers or suppliers. One such experienced manufacturer of custom pressure sensitive labels in the US is the Performance Label Company or PLCTX. The company is known for printing good quality labels in wholesale.

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