6 Common Mistakes in Custom label Manufacturing: Part 2

6 Common Mistakes in Custom label Manufacturing: Part 2

In the last post, we have discussed the first three common mistakes that label manufacturers commit when manufacturing custom labels. As a constitution, this post lists the last three mistakes.

Three Common Mistakes in Custom Label Manufacturing

The following are the last three mistakes common in custom label manufacturing:

  1. Wrong Adhesive Selection: Choosing the right adhesive considering the application area is a must to assure optimum performance. Many novice manufacturers go wrong in this selection. There are hundreds of adhesives to choose from and each of them is meant for a specific function. For example, a repositionable adhesive is a better choice than a permanent adhesive when the application calls for removing the label from one surface and reapplying to another surface. Selecting the wrong adhesive invites several performance issues when used in applications.
  1. Wrong Selection of Finishes: Similar to selecting the right adhesive, choosing the right finish also holds great significance when creating labels. A label manufacturer must consider the application areas and then opt for the right finish. It is advisable to choose the finish as per the level of protection and visual treat needed. Label manufacturers often make mistakes in this selection; for example, choosing a laminate finish for a label that is meant for short term, and UV coating for labels that is meant for indoor usage.
  1. Performance Issues: The label looks great overall, but what if it fails to work as per the customers’ expectations. For example, how a customer reacts when his/her label gets scratches, fades, or falls after a short term use? These performance issues are mainly due to a lack of understanding regarding the customer’s requirements. In both cases, the result is a box full of faulty labels! All these unfortunate incidents can be avoided if both the customer and the manufacturer involved in healthy communication prior to the label making. This helps the manufacturer rightly understand the requirements and produce the custom label that best matches customer expectations.

By eliminating these mistakes, manufacturers can improve the label quality, whilst ensuring custom labels that are printed right, on-time, and with minimal hassle. Consider a partnership with a manufacturer who possesses years of experience in custom label making. Performance Label company is a company that offers competitively priced custom printed labels in your choice of colors, graphics, shapes, materials, and surface finishes.

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