Why Should You Choose Pressure Sensitive Labels?

Why Should You Choose Pressure Sensitive Labels?

Labeling determines the quality and aesthetics of packaging, whilst delivering crucial information about the product and its contents. Based on their utilization, the labels are of various types. To name one, Pressure Sensitive (PS) labels can be found almost anywhere from small product samples to big cartons.

These labels are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs. These labels are largely used for a variety of packaging and labeling applications, in industries like health and beauty, beverage, food and retail, chemical and pharmaceutical, logistics and transportation, among several others. What accounts for the widespread popularity of these labels? Let’s move on to discussing this.

Pressure Sensitive Labeling Advantages

The following are a few advantages of pressure-sensitive labels that make them a preferred choice compared to other labeling solutions.

    • PS labels easily adhere to any surface, including non-polar polyolefin materials, rubber, dusty or contaminated, and rough surfaces, and humid substrates.
    • They are available in unlimited die-cut configurations for varied applications.
    • PS labels provide better environmental performance compared to other conventional glue-applied labels.
      They can be manufactured using several adhesive combinations to withstand humidity, sterilization, abrasion, and friction challenges. Overall, they withstand adverse environmental conditions.
    • They are available in plenty of options in terms of papers, films, coatings, and specialized patterns such as clear, metalized, glossy, foils, textured and wood grain materials.
    • Compared to other solvent-based labels, the PS label utilizes a minimal amount of volatile compounds in their manufacturing, and are easily disposable. These traits make these labels an environmentally sustainable labeling solution.
    • Compared to other water-based labels, pressure-sensitive labels consume less water during their manufacturing process.
    • Besides being versatile and easy-to-use, these labels are cost-effective, too.
    • They are compatible with high definition printing, which makes them an ideal choice for printing important information. Owing to this advantage, these labels are largely preferred for pharmaceutical applications.
    • Fully customizable, these labels can be printed with desired artwork in your choice of colors, making them an ideal choice for the beauty and cosmetics market.

Compared to several other labeling solutions, pressure-sensitive labels make a profitable and economic choice. As discussed before, labeling is an important aspect of brand building. If you wish to employ pressure sensitive labels for your brand promotion, it is important that you source them from a reliable company. Performance Label Company is one such prominent companies that help you design and avail pressure sensitive labels for your company promotions.

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