Top 4 Tips to Create Effective Product Labels

Top 4 Tips to Create Effective Product Labels

Packaging plays an important role in branding and promotion. Have you ever thought, why do some inferior products gain popularity over the quality ones? Well, there might be several reasons for this popularity, however, packaging makes it stand out. A good packaging label is an amalgamation of several characteristics and a distinct psychological approach. Several studies suggest that most of the successful packaging labels have similar attributes. Are you eager to know what are they? Read the post to find answers.

Easy-to-Follow Attributes of an Impressive Product Label

Here are 4 important tips for designing a successful product packaging label

1. Use Colors that Appropriately Present Your Product:

It is often said that CMYK color themes are the best when it comes to designing the labeling. However, this doesn’t mean that you compromise on the appropriate color theme. Before zeroing on a particular color theme, it is important to consider the psychological effect the color may have on the reader. For example, silver or golden colored labels may exude aesthetic brilliance and symbolize sophistication, or elegance. However, brown-colored labels convey sustainability, earthiness, and nature-friendliness. Similarly, green and blue colored labels play a key role in sprucing up the trust in the product.

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2. Settle for Fonts that Enhance Readability of Labels:

After colors, fonts contribute to a reader’s perception. They not only reliable information on the products but also influence their subconscious mind deeply. Thus, while select the fonts the following things must be kept in mind:
• Refrain from selecting multiple fonts and font size
• Avoid selecting too large or too small font size
• Go for a font that aptly relates to your brand or a product

3. Choose Graphics that Convey Valuable Information about Your Product:

Over the years, various packaging trends have caught the fancy of businessmen. Whatever be the trend, graphics still hold great importance in all of them. Illustrated graphics, natural photography, as well as typographic illustrations, are always in vogue. The graphics when combined with the above-mentioned elements can do wonders for any type of business. However, extra care must be taken to ensure that the graphics are portraying the right information and aren’t subdued in the melange of colors or fonts.

4. Shape and Size of the Label Makes a Big Impact:

An impressive label is a combination of several elements discussed above. However, they may fail to perform, if you make a wrong choice on the shape and size of the label. The label size gives you creative freedom, whereas the shape lends a platform for your design to perform. Many packaging labels have a round, square, or rectangular shape, whereas non-standard shapes are also gaining popularity. Whenever selecting the shape, the container or product shape should be kept in mind. If the label doesn’t fit over the product then it may start peeling, falling, or cracking off, thereby challenging your branding campaign.

The above-discussed practices will help you make an effective product label. In addition to these, it is important to work with a reliable printing service that helps you go right with various aforementioned style elements. Performance Label Company is a leading printing service company, which specializes in wholesale custom printing services.

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