Comparison of Round Vs Square Corner Labels

Comparison of Round Vs Square Corner Labels

Labels are an important part of any packaging process as they reflect the type of product, and its brand value, and also display crucial or mandatory information about the same. Most labels are rectangular in shape, while some may be circular, oval, and so on, according to the shape of the product. If one wants to get into details, these labels may have rounded or sharp corners, and this matters if one is deciding upon the type of label. Soft or pointed corners in a label may seem like a trivial factor; however, the pattern you choose must associate with your brand. This post draws a comparative account of round vs square corner labels.

Pointers on Round Vs Square Labels

Nowadays, you are spoilt for choice when choosing anything including labels as there are so many custom options available. Here are some pointers.

  • Thanks to technology, any kind of labels with specific dimensions can be easily manufactured via automated pre-programmed machines. The common use of round corners in labels can be attributed to this technological advancement. This is because earlier this die cutting and milling process was manual, expensive, and time consuming. Also, it was difficult to maintain uniformity in dimensions. The curvy finish a round corner label offers adds to the aesthetic appeal of the label. They offer a soft appearance.

  • Square cut corners are more standard as they have been used for several decades and across a range of products. Square corners look sharper than round corners.

  • Whichever type of label corners you choose; it can be highlighted with thick lines across the border. This is necessary as most printers cannot print till the edges or boundaries of the label. The logo and information can be printed onto the printable area, which leaves out the edges of the label. So, if the edges are highlighted in a certain color or made thicker, they look defined and prominent.

  • The size of the package or container certainly has an impact. Small packaging size may not be suitable for a square corner label. Round corners are more versatile and suited for most sizes and shapes of packs or jars.

  • Whether round or square corners, these labels adhere to the backing sheet, and one needs to peel it before using. In this context, rounded corners are easier to peel than square ones. Also, with sharp square corners, there may be no space left between two labels pasted with an adhesive on the backing sheet. So, one has to be careful of not tearing into the label when peeling one with a square corner.

  • Rounded labels are more versatile and suitable for a range of products. You can use them more creatively than the ones with square corners. You can even use blank labels if you are looking at handwritten information.

  • Whichever type of labels you choose, ensure they are resistant to moisture, heat, and so on, especially if you want to transport or ship the package, paste labels on water bottles, the packages need to be refrigerated or heated.

If you are a business owner and want to launch a new product or showcase it at an event, you must have a perfect label on the package. You can consult an expert in this segment regarding the size and shape as well as round vs square corner labels. Performance Label Company (PLC) offers custom labels to suit your specifications. They offer assistance on the size, shape, round vs. square corners, and many other details.

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