Five Creative Uses of Stickers for Brand Promotions

Five Creative Uses of Stickers for Brand Promotions

Creating visibility is an important step in the branding process. When it comes to brand promotion, nothing can be more exciting like people wearing a t-shirt printed with a brand logo, or sporting caps with colorful logos, or carrying printed items with them along the journey. For a long time, there has been a strong misconception among business owners that customers only remember brands that give them expensive printed gifts. However, it is not true. There are several other cheaper advertising methods that bring great results. Sticker advertising is one such technique. Why stickers? How do they add value to a marketing campaign? Read this post to get answers. In this post, we will discuss some creative ways to buy the attention of your prospective and existing customers.

5 Ways of Utilizing Stickers for Your Brand Promotions

Over the years, the stickers have become popular promotional items due to the versatility they offer in terms of prices, shapes, and applications. The following are five appealing ways of utilizing these stickers for your brand marketing.

  1. Business Card Stickers: Business cards are the most basic promotional items ever. Almost all businesses – whether small or big use them for promoting their goodwill. Does that guarantee a business success? No. This is because people find business cards annoying and trash them often. What if you can make them stick it? Yes, people would definitely stick your business cards on their shelves, refrigerators, cars, or laptops. It means if you are going to invest in a business card sticker, you might succeed in becoming a permanent fixture in a customer’s life.
  2. Product Labels: Although product labels have been around always, still there is a room for experimentation. There are many factors that contribute to a brand’s success. Some factors include the quality of the product, impressive packaging, competitive pricing, etc. Many times, people remember a brand for its attractive packaging. Colorful stickers are always part of the attractive packaging. You can take advantage of the advanced printing technologies to create die-cut stickers that warrant attention. Also, you can experiment with different styles, fonts, and messages.
  3. Logo Stickers: Nowadays, businesses have started understanding the importance of generating viral interest in people. Thus, they are giving away various logo printed items. Logo shaped stickers have become the most popular choices for creating viral interest. Company executives can include logo stickers along with purchases or distribute them during trade shows, or family events for building an impact.
  4. Save the Date Stickers: Save the date invitations aren’t new, however, the sticker may add a new dimension to it. Wedding and design services can always use these stickers to promote their services. Also, the bride and groom can easily customize these stickers with their names, or interesting graphics. People would be amazed to stick such impressive reminders at easy-to-see places around their homes.
  5. Personalized Stickers for Promotional Materials: Personalized stickers will deliver a special effect to your promotions. You can use them for sealing your letters, parcels, samples, or promotional gifts. This will not only inspire people to open the gift, but also make them feel special. You can always include your social media account information or contact details. In addition to that, you can encourage the recipients of the sticker to share their purchase with a sticker and hashtag on their social media accounts, and win exciting discounts or prices.

With customizable promotional stickers becoming affordable and easily available, you can easily utilize them for your brand promotions. If you are considering a reliable supplier of promotional stickers, you can always approach an industry expert like Performance Label Company.

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