Do’s and Don’ts of Using Bumper Stickers Discussed

Do’s and Don’ts of Using Bumper Stickers Discussed

Almost everybody who owns a car uses bumper stickers. From personalizing cars to promoting business to expressing one’s views, these stickers are being used for multiple reasons. It has been one of the ways of expression for a long time. There is a vast range of bumper stickers available in the market that features immense versatility of designs, shapes, sizes, and even materials. However, people often make silly mistakes when using the bumper stickers which eventually leads to loss of money. This post discusses the dos and don’ts of using bumper stickers in order to help you design stickers professionally and increase their durability and utility.


The following are some things you must do when it comes to designing and using bumper stickers.

  • Keep It Simple and Classy:

    Remember that you are advertising your business on the vehicle via these stickers. So keep it simple and classy. Make sure you get an organized yet attractive design made for the stickers so that your business advertisement is highlighted in no time.

  • Use a Readable Font:

    Fancy fonts may be aesthetically appealing but if the text is not readable, then there is no point in using a bumper sticker to promote your business. You must stick to readable fonts, font sizes, and text presentation overall.

  • Invest in Quality Graphics and Photographs:

    Poor quality photographs and graphics do no justice to bumper stickers. Poor photographs, blurred graffiti, etc can instantly withdraw the viewer’s attention. If you want people to notice your business, then you must invest in good quality graphics and photographs.

  • Be Correct and Precise with the Message:

    Writing lengthy texts on bumper stickers is certainly a bad strategy. You want people to read your message while the vehicle is moving. Therefore, you must keep it short and simple. Precise text can spread the message correctly within a short time because correct yet short statements make statements.


Avoiding the following things can help you use the bumper stickers more effectively and for a longer duration.

  • Forget Back of The Vehicle:

    It is important to know that there are three faces to a vehicle which can be used for sticking bumper stickers. People often forget the backside of the car. You should not forget that. Applying a good quality bumper sticker all over the car surface can help promote a business effectively.

  • Ignore Adhesive:

    The quality of the adhesive is highly important if you want to use the bumper stickers for a long time. The good quality adhesive can last your sticker for a year of longer duration. Therefore, you should never forget the quality of adhesives. You can choose from vinyl, white vinyl, spray adhesives, etc depending on the weather and other conditions in your place.

  • Jeopardize Quality:

    Jeopardizing the quality of bumper stickers can leave a bad impression on your business promotions. You should never use poor quality material, poor quality ink, or poor adhesive for printing and sticking the bumper stickers. Good quality stickers can attract potential customers.

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of designing and using the bumper stickers for better utility and durability, you must select a prominent manufacturer too. Trusted manufacturers like Performance Label Company (PLC) can give you professionally designed, well-printed, and high-quality bumper stickers. The company offers customized, and creative bumper sticker manufacturing service.

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