All Important Questions on PLC Labels and Stickers Answered

All Important Questions on PLC Labels and Stickers Answered

Today, most businesses invest in digital advertising because many people buy products online. However, that doesn’t mean printed promotional items are out of the race or no more preferred. Stickers and labels are one of those old printed promotional tools that still hold great value among customers. They are being used by businesses of all sizes for promotions. Over the years, their demand has grown. With the growth of printing technologies, there is no limitation on the design and production of these labels. This may make the selection more challenging. Most customers who seek these stickers and labels have several questions in mind. Performance Label Company (PLC), is one of the leading manufacturers of customized stickers and labels processes thousands of stickers and labels every year. The company always receives several questions from its customers. This post aims at answering some common and most asked questions.

What Are the Common Materials Used for Manufacturing Stickers and Labels?

The company provides stickers on different stocks. They are:

  • White Gloss: The label has a lustrous appearance. It is ideal to use when the label requires no writing.
  • Semi-Gloss: The labels of this type can resist stain, pickup, and dirt. Semi-gloss stickers possess high resistance to abrasion.
  • Thermal Foil Stamped: These stickers possess a metallic appearance. The imprints are stamped on a pressure-sensitive paper. PLC provides thermal foil stamped stickers in bright silver, bright gold, and dull gold foil
  • Polyester: Polyester is a highly durable synthetic fiber. The stickers manufactured using polyester can withstand high levels of abrasion and abuse, and thus, are used indoors and outdoors. They can resist solvents, oils, and moisture. The company provides various types of polyester stickers like 2 Mil clear polyester stickers, bright silver, bright gold, and matte silver polyester stickers.
  • White, Clear, and Static Cling Vinyl: All these stickers are durable and suited for indoor and outdoor uses. The white vinyl sticker can be used outdoors and indoors; clear vinyl sticker appears clear when sticking over the desired surface; and static cling vinyl stickers possess static charge, which makes it easy to stick on clean and smooth surfaces such as beveled, plastic, and glass surfaces. Static cling vinyl stickers require no permanent adhesive.
  • White Matte: These labels are suited for applications, where typing or writing may be involved.

In addition to the above-mentioned types, the company also provides stickers in the following materials:

Matte Litho:

  • 50# DSX
  • 2.6 Mil White BOPP
  • Fluorescent
  • Gloss White Cover-Op
  • Tyvek
  • Premium Laser-Rite
  • Brown Kraft
  • Tire Label
  • Trans Therm 2
  • Thermal Transfer Multitherm

What Are the Different Types of Adhesives Used on These Stickers and Labels?

PLC provides stickers and labels with permanent, removable, and static adhesives.

  • Permanent Adhesive: This adhesive is usually applied to the products.
  • Removable Adhesive: These adhesives enable users to take off a label without leaving their remnants behind.
  • Static Labels: These labels stick owing to the static charge on them. They can be removed from surfaces and reapplied, and still, they leave no residues behind.

PLC has been providing wholesale label printing services since 1983. There are several things that you may want to know about the services and the type of labels offered by the company. They are covered in detail in the next part.

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