All Important Questions on PLC Labels and Stickers Answered – Part II

All Important Questions on PLC Labels and Stickers Answered – Part II

Quality stickers and labels have been widely used for several years now. With the advancements in digital printing, the popularity of these labels has increased. Performance Label Company has been providing these stickers and labels in different specifications. The previous post covered the questions that the team at PLC regularly answers. This post covers a few more important aspects.

What Are the Different Types of Label Printing Services and Label Finishes Offered By PLC?

The company provides labels and stickers printed using the following methods:

  • 4-Color Printing Process:

    In this printing process, four ink colors are used – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. Thus, this process is also known as CMYK printing.

  • 7-Spot Color Printing:

    Generally, in spot color printing, the color is generated using an ink that is mixed or pure and printed in a single run. The colors used are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK). However, in 7-spot color printing, seven colors are used instead of three to improve visibility, specifics, and clarity of the print.

In addition to this, the following are a few special types of labels offered by the company:

  • Fanfold Labels:

    These are basically thermal transfer labels that come in the stack. These labels usually lie flat and are space savers.

  • Laminated Labels:

    Vinyl labels are usually laminated to improve their shelf life. Lamination adds to their durability and allows users to wipe and clean labels regularly. Lamination also improves the scratch and abrasion resistance of these labels, thereby making them suited for environments, where they may be subjected to light, moisture, and abrasion.

  • UV Varnish Labels:

    The labels get their name from UV varnishes applied to them. These varnishes are cured by UV, which is why the name. These labels add a glossy look to labels, and they last longer than other types of labels.

PLC also provides sheeted labels (printed or blank), which can be used as publication inserts, stickers, or promotional handouts.

What Are the Different Types of Laminated Labels Offered By PLC?

Performance Label Company offers labels with different laminations. The following are two important types among them:

  • Self-laminate:

    This is an affordable type of label and is not ideal when large dark printed areas are involved.

  • 1 ml. Clear Laminate:

    This laminated label offers protection against weather and scratching. It adds a glossy touch to your label and is crystal clear. 1ml. clear laminate offers the best value for investment as it is a durable sticker.

How Can I Share Artwork with PLC?

PLC accepts the artwork in hard and soft copies. You can send Zip Disks, CDs, and high-density floppies through Mail, Federal Express, UPS or any other carrier. If someone wants to send them electronically, they can share it via email. There are no attachment restrictions at PLC as they can accept large files. The text must be converted to curves and outlines. If this is not possible, then the artwork must be accompanied by all the required font and screen font files. The company also requests users to share color proofs or samples when ordering 4-color process stickers or labels. Users can also choose FTP to send too large or too small files. Click on Upload Artwork to share the files.

Does PLC Offer Die Cut or Custom Stickers?

Yes, PLCTX offers both – custom labels and stickers, as well as die-cut labels.

What Are the Turnaround Times for Custom Stickers and Labels?

The turnaround times are usually 6-7 days on all orders. However, the company can also provide overnight, 4 days, and 3 days of rush service. The time usually starts after the approval of artwork. Spot color jobs and 4-color process may take around 7-10 working days (exclusive of weekends and holidays). Additional rush charges are applicable on rush orders.

For more information or any other queries, you can get in touch with the team at PLC. The company has been serving various industries for several years now.

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