Capabilities and Applications of Barcode Labels

Capabilities and Applications of Barcode Labels

Barcode labels are everywhere, one can find them on products, shipped packages, game devices, and so on. There is a misconception that the capabilities of barcode labels are limited to tracking data, however, there is more to it. Therefore, this post gives insights about the capabilities of barcode labels and benefits and their applications.

Capabilities of the Barcode Labels: Know How They are Used

The barcode labels can be utilized in various ways and the same are detailed as follows:

  • Electronic Data Transmission:

    The barcode labels are used for electronic data transmission. Barcodes are the physical medium for digital information transfer. Since the information is stored in a computer and the data is to be read at the customer’s end, the barcodes act as transmission media. However, electronic data transmission via barcode labels require barcode readers or barcode scanners, but it makes a worthy investment.

  • Product identification:

    Barcodes are considered for lot numbering, which is a technique of labeling the products for future identification. By reading a barcode label, a manufacturer or a user can get information about the product. The information like product manufacturing date, expiry date, and shipping can be identified by reading barcode labels.

  • Object Hyperlinking:

    In logistics and supply chain management, a barcode label is used for product hyperlinking. If a manufacturer has multiple products under one series, in such cases the products are hyperlinked to each other. It allows the user to compare the products of the same series, only by reading a barcode. The hyperlinking is performed by interconnecting the information sources of different products to the same barcode id.

  • Accountability and Management:

    Barcode labels are capable of enhancing the accountability of supply chains. From product manufacturing to packaging and delivery, the supply chain needs to be managed effectively. The barcode allows great accessibility to the product information. The supplier and consumer can keep records of progress. From the order acceptance to delivery, every step can be accounted for by barcode labels. This offers efficient lead time management.

Applications of the Barcode Labels:

Barcodes have numerous applications in everyday operations. Some important applications of barcode labels are detailed as follows.

  • Logistic Applications of Automatic Marking and Reading Symbols (LOGMARS):

    The barcode labels are used in logistics applications. It is often utilized for organizing and strengthening supply chain operations. In operations like product delivery, postal services, and military logistics, the barcode systems are used.

  • ISBN:

    In the book publishing industry, ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is an application of barcode. ISBN is basically a barcode printed at the back cover of each book that is available in the international market. The publishers use this code to track the online sales of books.

  • Product Recycling:

    The barcode label system is applied to product recycling systems by recycling banks. Every time, a pick-up truck picks goods from donors, the barcode is scanned and the amount of collected goods is transferred to bank accounts in dollars.

  • QR Codes:

    The quick response (QR) code is a great application of barcodes. The mobile applications have QR codes, banking, libraries, sales, and purchase, are some of the areas where barcodes are used as QR codes for easy information access.

  • Games:

    Barcode label technology has been used in the gaming industry, since the 1990s. The games like Skannerz were developed on barcode concepts. In such games, the player has to scan a barcode to activate the special features of the game.

However, if you are planning to take advantage of these mentioned capabilities of barcode labels in your commercial applications, then you must source it from a trusted manufacturer. Since barcodes hold and transmit sensitive information, you must get a quality and secure barcode system. Performance Label Company (PLCTX) is one of the most trusted suppliers of barcode labels in the industry. They offer standard or customized barcode labels in various specifications.

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