Die Cut Stickers – The Four Frequently Asked Questions

Die Cut Stickers – The Four Frequently Asked Questions

The demands for die-cut stickers are on the rise as they are ideal for a wide range of applications across industries. These stickers with custom texts, logo, and graphics can be used for promotional purposes, product labeling, and packaging, among others. They can be cut to shape and attractively designed to stick on the vehicle’s window, utensils, household items, and electronic products.

In short, the uses of die-cut stickers are widespread these days. Hence, we thought of discussing the four frequently asked questions that are commonly raised by customers.

The 4 FAQs Pertaining to Die Cut Stickers

Most of the die cut sticker manufacturers receive the below-listed questions from their customers every so often.

  1. How Difficult is it to Apply Die Cut Stickers? And, will They Come Off Easily?

You need to just follow the simple peel and stick process. They are available with semi-permanent adhesive and strong adhesive options.  Hence, they won’t come off easily with normal washing.

  1. Should I Clean the Application Area Before Sticking the Label?

Yes, this is essential to enhance the durability of die-cut stickers. You can use Windex or Isopropyl alcohol to clean the application area. After applications, you may clean the surface of the sticker once in a while using mild cleaners. This helps remove dirt and thus retains the shine.

  1. Can Die Cut Sticker Withstand Frequent Wash-Downs?

Most types of die-cut stickers are laminated to withstand dozens of washes. They will not show signs of wear and peel off until the wash-down is too harsh.

  1. What If I Cannot Find the Right Die Cut Sticker with the Appropriate Message I’m Looking for?

Most of the sticker manufacturers offer customization options. This allows you to custom design stickers by incorporating any design, artwork, color, and style. You can either design the artwork yourself or let your manufacturer know about your expectations. He will take care of the artwork, design, and other specifications as per the needs of customers.

The questions are many when it comes to die-cut stickers. That’s why most of the die cut sticker manufacturers maintain an FAQ section on their website. When in doubt, go through the FAQs provided on the website. If your query is not there in the list, don’t hesitate to call the manufacturer. Get your queries answered satisfactorily before placing orders for the die-cut stickers!

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