7 Important Types of Label and Sticker Materials Discussed

7 Important Types of Label and Sticker Materials Discussed

Labeling is an important aspect of branding. It helps make the identification of things easier. Have you ever wondered, why not all labels look the same? This is because they are made from different materials. What are these materials? Read the post to know 7 important types of custom labels and sticker materials.

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Know about 7 Types of Sticker and Label Materials

The following are 7 popular types of sticker and label materials:

  • Industrial Vinyl:

    This is a suitable material for outdoor labels. Most good quality industrial vinyl materials offer 9-11 years of resistance from UV radiation. Also, labels made from these materials are chemical and weather resistant. The material offers excellent flexibility, which makes it ideal for application on sharply curved surfaces, as well as rivets. Vinyl labels are typically used for pipeline labels, rental equipment, fleet decals, and cable tray labels.

  • Polyester:

    The polyester labels come in several types and shapes. The most popular option is a metalized look, which offers a chrome finish or mirror-like perfection. Sometimes it is confused with stainless steel. This material is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications, and ideal for labeling control pipes and panels. Most polyester labels can easily withstand harsh operating conditions or weather conditions and equipped with a long-lasting adhesive. Various popular choices exist for polyester materials, such as chrome or mirror-like finish, which looks like stainless steel.

  • Polypropylene:

    These labels are considered ideal replacements for vinyl labels, and provide excellent solvent resistance. Polypropylene labels are affordable than polyester labels, and they offer better clarity. These labels and stickers are distinguished on the basis of their coating, adhesive, and colors. The following are some popular types of these labels:

    • Chrome (Silver) BOPP Labels:

      This label material is oil and water-resistant, and has a mirror-like finish.

    • Clear BOPP Labels:

      These are clear polypropylene (BOPP) material. This material offers the same properties as chrome silver labels, such as water resistance. Clear BOPP labels are well-suited for window stickers.

    • Removable White BOPP Labels:

      These labels have less adhesive than regular BOPP labels.

    • White BOPP Labels:

      The labels have a permanent adhesive and is impervious to water or oils. These labels are ideal for body and bath products, and several food and beverage products.

  • Recycled Labels:

    As the name suggests, these labels are created from 100% recycled material. It is a #55 paper material, which is an ideal option if earthy appearance is desired. Kraft labels are not suited for lamination, hence are not water or oil resistant. These labels are ideal for machine applications. The label must be removed in hot water. Vellum labels and Kraft labels are the popular types of recycled labels in use today.

  • Satin Labels:

    These labels are basically satin acetate cloth labels, which are ideal for spirit or wine labels. Satin labels will add a beautiful dimension to your product packaging. It is also ideal for holiday gifting purposes.

  • Fluorescent Paper Labels:

    These labels are flood coated on the synthetic material. Most fluorescent and foil paper labels are available in colors like red, pink, orange, and green. The labels of this type are used for alerting people.

  • Foil Paper Labels:

    Foil paper labels are available in dull, bright, silver, or gold. These Labels are generally used as a holiday or food stickers.

The choice of the right label will entirely depend on your requirement. However, it is important that you purchase the labels from a reputed wholesale stickers & labels supplier like Performance Label Company. The Company provides high-quality labels at attractively low prices.

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