Top 5 Factors That Decide the Fate of Stickers and Labels

Top 5 Factors That Decide the Fate of Stickers and Labels

Whenever you are buying any product or equipment, the first thing that you notice, or are interested in is details printed on the stickers or labels attached to the product. Would you buy a product, which has a bad, or “Not so appealing” sticker, which does not provide any helpful information about the product? Probably not, right? The stickers and labels have a major role to play. Not only should they be good enough to catch attention, but also be able to provide all the necessary information properly.

If you are from the manufacturing industry, then there are certain things that you must follow, to add that X factor to the stickers and labels, and make them more aesthetic. What are these tips? Are you curious to find out? Read on the following post, which puts a light on these key things to consider.

What Factors Matter the Most in Making Better Labels and Stickers?

There’s not just one, but several factors that go on to make a sticker, or a label both informative and attractive. Here are some factors that matter the most:

  1. The Type of Product: The very first thing to consider is understanding the type of product.
  1. Shape of the Sticker/ Label: Circle? Oval? Square? Rectangle? You need to finalize on the shape of the sticker. Although the square and rectangle are the most common shapes of labels, you might want to give a try for circle, or oval. However, while doing this, you should also bear the previous point.
  1. Material of the Label: The material used for stickers can vary depending upon the applications. For example, materials like Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP), or water-resistant vinyl are suitable materials for the applications or products exposed to water. Similarly, for wine bottles, traditional textured paper is an apt choice.
  1. High Resolution: You do not want to cause problems to the eyes of the person reading the labels. Thus, it is recommended to have a high resolution, with a minimum DPI value of 300.
  1. Proofing the Label: Although last, you just cannot afford to miss out on this factor. It is crucial to perform proofing of the label. In this, the design of the sticker, or label is proofed meticulously before it is sent for printing. Manual proofing is recommended over automatic since it leads to fewer errors. It is worth investing some time in proofing, as this will go on to create a better, and coherent label.

Keeping in mind all the factors explained above will help a great deal in making better stickers and labels. They form the base of the promotion and branding efforts of a company or brand. So, it is extremely important to design them by bearing in mind all the necessary things that can have a great impact on the quality of labels, and their appearance. For this, you can take help from experts, like Performance Label Company (PLCTX), which has good experience in wholesale manufacturing labels and stickers for several industries.

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