Which are the Widely Established Types of Labels Available in the Market?

Which are the Widely Established Types of Labels Available in the Market?

Labeling is another significant means of enhancing product identification, and it helps lend character and identity to all types of products. Printed with vibrant colors and sharp graphics, labels also provide important information about the product. Reading the labels, customers can make purchasing decisions easily, hence proper labeling plays a significant role in the sale and distribution process of products. With a variance in the products manufactured these days, there are several types of labels are being manufactured to meet the requirements. Would you like to know a few of the popular types available in the market? This post lists some of the commonly used types of labels by product manufacturers.

Make a Wise Selection from the Plentiful Options Available

Unlike the past, product manufacturers pay a lot of attention pertaining to the label used in their products as it is the primary selling point. As label plays a major role in attracting customers, manufactures pay special care when selecting the right label to stand out of the crowd. The following are the widely used labels by today’s product manufacturers.

    • Shipping Labels:

      Shipping labels are a type of identification label that specifies the contents of a shipping container. Shipping labels share important information such as where the product package is from and to whom it is going. Without a properly printed shipping label on product packaging, there are chances that the orders could be lost or mishandled. Hence, shipping labels play a significant role not only in securing the package but also to make the packaging more professional.

    • Barcode Labels:

      This simple, decades-old technology has often overlooked as a method for cutting costs and saving time. However, be informed that appropriate barcode labels minimize identification errors, whilst also helping to trace the movement of inventory. There are several styles of small and large barcode labels available that meet the requirements of most applications and budgets.

    • Pressure Sensitive Labels:

      This highly versatile label solution is composed of three layers – face stock, an adhesive, and a release liner. This self-adhesive label offers limitless design possibilities making it a popular option from automotive products, chemical pails, and household goods to food and beverage bottles, among others. Available in a wide range of custom sizes, shapes, and materials such as paper, film, and foil, PSA can be easily applied to containers, bottles, and packaging

    • Digital Labels:

      Forming an important part of product marketing & sales, digital labels are made using cutting-edge digital printing technology. Helping to reinforce your brand and making your product stand out on store shelves, they can be printed with photographic-quality graphics, crisp text, and vibrant colors. With the advent of digital printing technology, digital labels can be manufactured in short lead times at a reduced cost.

Choosing the right labels is extremely significant as it largely determines the end-users’ purpose to the fullest. Choose a label that will adhere well to specific surfaces and that meet your longevity needs. Get your queries resolved and choose the right label after consulting with leading label designing and printing company like The Performance Label Company (PLC). With years of experience in the field, PLC guides you towards the right purchase.

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