5 Important Design Tips to Keep in Mind when Making Die-cut Sticker & Labels

5 Important Design Tips to Keep in Mind when Making Die-cut Sticker & Labels

Die-cut stickers, also known as custom-shape stickers, have long been the most popular labeling solution that lends an identity to the consumables within. Professional die-cut label printing is the way to go when you are looking to augment your branding efforts, promote a product or service or inspire a direct response. A key advantage of die-cut sticker & label is that it can be cut to any unique shape and can be printed with an attractive design or text in order to grab attention. So, what are the basic things you must pay attention to when placing an order for die-cut stickers & labels? Let’s see a few tips that will help your designs stick out even more from the crowd.

Design Tips to Create Die-cut Sticker & Labels

When it comes to die-cut sticker & labels, you have endless options and freedom for customization. Think from a nonconventional point and you will be able to produce a stunning design covering all the vital information. Check out the following points.

1.Shape and Size:

Why do you want to create die-cut sticker & labels in the usual square, rectangle, circle or oval shape, when you have the freedom to die-cut the label in any shape? Your stickers can be shaped to look like your products or any shape that closely resembles your product, such as the shape of a cartoon character, tool, equipment, bottle or anything. Brainstorm what shape can best describe or match your product and decide on the shape wisely.

2.Use Vibrant Colors:

Colors used on the sticker play a decisive role in seeking customer attention. Die-cut sticker & labels printed in dull colors will be unnoticed near the ones that are created with vibrant colors. Also, if you have a brand color or color that matches your brand identity, try to use the same in the stickers as well.

3.Font and Font Size:

You have an attractive label with vibrant colors and graphics, but what if the text in it is not readable? The main purpose of sticker or label is to communicate with your customers the content in the packaging, right? Hence, while designing die-cut stickers or labels, extreme care must be laid to choosing the right font and font size. Ensure that the text in it is readable even from a distance.


The foremost objective of die-cut stickers and labels is to promote your brand. Hence, make sure that you have placed the brand name or logo at the supreme place of your sticker. The placement of your brand should be such that the customer should notice at a first glance.

5.Keep Minimal:

Use space wisely! Do not crowd the sticker or label with a lot of information and graphics, as it can be misleading or distractive. Decide on the text or graphics that project your brand, product or service perfectly without creating confusions. There should be adequate free space in the label.

The labels, which are individually die-cut and easily removable, give unmistakable identity to your products and services. Available with your choice of styles in a glossy or matte finish, you can stick them on any smooth surface, indoors or outside. Die-cut stickers & labels can be made to order for the customer even in the most intricate cut patterns to meet your unique requirements. Would you like to get the sticker customized to your needs? Partner with leading names like Performance Label Company who have been designing and printing high-quality, competitively priced wholesale die-cut labels and stickers for several years. Manufactured to be both waterproof and scratch-resistant, the labels produced by PLCTX are known for their high-quality and easy-printability.

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