Pointers to Produce Impressive Die Cut labels

Pointers to Produce Impressive Die Cut labels

A die-cut sticker or label is pasted on various packaged products, jars, and so to give information about the contents and the brand. In printing technology, a die is a sharp steel blade that is used to cut cardstock and papers into various shapes and sizes with utmost precision. Die-cut labels are produced in bulk and can be easily seen on various products placed on a retail store shelf. These labels are usually used for product identification and branding, warranty content, warning content, barcoding, and so on. This post shares a few pointers on how to produce impressive and high-quality die-cut stickers and labels.

Factors to Consider for Impressive Die Cut Stickers and Labels

Here are some factors which may be useful when making die-cut stickers and labels:

  • Right die-cutting process:

    Die-cutting is a standard process commonly used for making stickers and labels. Choose the procedure based on the material type and features such as thickness, width, and length. Here are some popular processes:

    • In the flatbed process, you have sharp steel rules and a flatbed die and press. The steel rules can be bent at the required angle and the base is flat and fixed, as the name suggests. The die is fitted onto the press head. You can apply hydraulics to operate the press.
    • Rotary and semi-rotary die-cutting methods are popular as well. This process comprises the use of rotary presses and cylindrical dies. This method is fast and cost-effective and can churn out high volumes of the required shape within the stipulated timeframe.
    • The semi-rotary method is almost similar, except that instead of complete rotation, the die rotates in a clockwise and anti-clockwise manner.


  • Die-cutting tools:

    As such, die-cutting is a century-old technique; however, it has evolved with time and technology. Modern die-cutting machines have gears and they can simply slice through a single layer of the sheet. It could be a laminate or any other material. There are flatbed presses used for short runs and rotary dies, which are more suitable for long runs. Rotary dies may be magnetic, adjustable, or solid. Each of these dies has its own distinct features, pros, and cons. Choose the tools carefully based on your budget, complexity involved, thickness and width of the material used, time constraints, and so on.

  • Printing equipment:

    There are various ways to print die-cut stickers and labels. Based on your budget and the features you want to retain on the label, you can choose the printing method. For instance, if your label has a barcode, ensure it does not turn black or lose readability when printed. This may happen in case of heat-sensitive materials, especially if you use thermal printing or two-color printing. The two-color printers print in black and white; however, they can also be used to print in other colors such as red and blue. Thermal transfer printing, which is different from thermal printing, is proven to be effective for labels with content, barcodes, and so on, which is meant for long-term use and can be stored in the inventory. Another option is to create rolled shelled labels with pre-printed content and images and use either four-color or spot color printing.

  • Custom shape labels:

    Let the label take the shape of the product or packet. It’s good to have labels in the shape of a square, circle, rectangle, shape covering at least more than half the jar or bottle, and so on. For instance, if a bottle is filled with juice or some other fluid, most customers would not look at that space filled up with the fluid. Instead, if the bottle has a colorful label, which gives out the required information, customers would most certainly read it. This is all about the positive occupancy of a space. Depending upon the requirement, it may even be in the shape of a ribbon, baseball, or anything that can match your product.

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