Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Barcode Label for Product

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Barcode Label for Product

The barcode system has gained popularity and significance because there is a diverse range of products available in the market which need an authentic price tag. Also, it may look simple enough but is easily used for data collection, tracking the sale of a product, and so on. Barcodes can be used in different ways, which can not only save business time but money too. Thus, it is important to choose the right barcode labels for your product. Before making any decision on the barcode labels, there are a few things you need to consider Before making any decision on the barcode labels, there are a few things you need to consider. Would you like to know what they are or what factors may help you in selecting the right barcode label? This post discusses the same.

6 Key Considerations When Selecting the Best Barcode Label

There are various factors that need to be considered while choosing an appropriate barcode label for your product. Some of these factors mainly include temperature, chemical exposure, environment, surface type, and lifespan. Having a better understanding of each and every category will help you avoid the downfalls of selecting the wrong label.

1. Surface:

It is one of the important considerations when it comes to selecting a barcode label. The type of material surface such as smooth or curved impacts the barcode label adhesive. Paper, plastic, and even metal have a different set of characteristics for adhesion.

2. Size:

The dimensions of your label are one of the critical factors to consider, but it is important to look at the size if you want to maximize the savings. Small labels are most commonly found on many products, but they shouldn’t be too small as they are difficult to scan. The size of the barcode labels varies from product to product or company to company, but it is important to define the ideal size of the label.

3. Extreme Temperatures:

When it comes to choosing a label for a product, you need to consider the application as well as service temperature. Application temperature is nothing but the temperature at which you apply the label on a product, and service temperature is defined as the range of temperature that your label is exposed to in real-time. The standard label works well when service temperature ranges from -65°F to 200°F and the application temperature should be a minimum of 25°F. If you’re labeling goes beyond these ranges, then you need to use a specialty adhesive.

4. Abrasion Resistance:

Does your product or application demand the barcode to withstand difficult conditions, such as exposure to other chemicals or contact with different surfaces or rubbing? All these tough conditions badly affect the readability of the label over time. Therefore, some label media can be used or coated to protect printed barcode labels from lights, abrasives, and chemicals that could destroy the barcode. Additionally, if the barcode label needs resistance to scratching or rubbing, then you can use a ribbon with higher resin content, which offers higher resistance levels.

5. Adhesive:

This is another important consideration while selecting a barcode label for your product. Some barcodes are meant for a specific amount of time, whereas some are meant to be permanent. The permanent adhesive should never be used if the labels are going to be used for a limited amount of time.

6. Label Lifespan:

If your label requires readability for the long term, it is more likely to be exposed to abrasion, moisture, and chemicals. A shorter lifespan label does not need a high level of resistance and durability. A direct thermal paper label fulfills your needs in such cases.

Barcodes offer a diverse range of benefits related to time tracking, product sales, and assets. The labeling of your product using barcode labels looks pretty simple, however, the implementation is much harder than most people realize. It is important to consider all these points before landing on a decision. Are you interested to promote your business using a correct barcode label system? If yes, then make sure you approach a well-known custom label designer like Performance Label Company. The company creates different types of barcode labels at competitive prices that will meet your needs.

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