5 Factors that Will Make Your Bottle Label Stand Out

5 Factors that Will Make Your Bottle Label Stand Out

A bottle with an aesthetically enhanced, yet informative label, or a beautifully shaped bottle with no label – what is your choice? The answers may vary. It is true that selling a bottle with no information is not sufficient to excel in the market niche. Today, customers are more conscious about the product that they wish to purchase. They are eager to know the contents of the bottle before they make a purchasing decision. You can support their decision by decorating your bottle with a well-designed bottle label. What are the features of a well-designed label? This post attempts to answer all these questions regarding the bottle labels.

Important Features of Successful Bottle Labels

What is the first thing that you notice while buying a soft drink, mineral water, or wine? Perhaps the bottle packaging, isn’t it? A label is an integral element of this packaging. The following are some important features of an impressive bottle label.

  • Graphics:

    This is the most important aspect of a bottle design. It doesn’t matter, whether you are a start-up or an established company, graphics will play a key role in your promotion. You can utilize visual illustrations and images that describe your product. For instance, you can include an image of ingredients used in the formulation of the product or the flavor of the product.

  • A Running Theme:

    A consistent brand theme is the soul of any marketing campaign. Hence, it is important to maintain a theme consistency across all marketing collaterals including the bottle labels. In short, a bottle design should reflect the brand logo and other colors.

  • Material:

    Many times, businesses overlook this aspect due to their ignorance. There are all chances that your product bottle will be stored in a cooler or a fridge for a long time. Thus, it is important that the label should be able to withstand low temperatures. If your label demands liquid or moisture protection, then it is wise to select from any of the following materials:

  • Clear Gloss:

    This material is weatherproof, durable, and is preferred for its no-label look.

  • Metallic Silver:

    These labels feature a metallic silver finish, which makes them perfect for the decorative setting. Typically, made from a water-resistant material, metallic silver labels can easily withstand extreme temperatures.

  • Clear Matte: The labels offer a clear view of the bottle surface while displaying readable images and text.
  • White Matte:

    Made from weatherproof material, the labels can easily withstand water, ice, or moisture. These labels can easily adhere to different surfaces.

  • White Gloss:

    The glossy label provides excellent photo-quality results. This is why white gloss labels are preferred for printing high-resolution images.

  1. Vital Information:

    Many organizations including the Alcohol and Tax Bureau, and the FDA mandate food manufacturers to showcase labels on their products. The labels should feature information on calories, fats, carbohydrates, as well as protein contents in the beverages or food products.

  2. Prefer a Label in Unusual Shape:

    All these years, you might have seen labels in rectangular, square, and circular shapes. Though these shapes are in demand, still you can consider unusual shapes. Whatever shape you prefer, it is important to ensure that they perfectly stick to the surface of the label.

Being an integral element of your promotional campaign, it is important that you order these bottle labels from a reputed manufacturer. Performance Label Company is one of the leading manufacturers of product labels in the US. The company provides these labels in custom designs and specifications of your choice.

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