Choose the 4 Color Process to Enhance the Look and Feel of your Product Labels

Choose the 4 Color Process to Enhance the Look and Feel of your Product Labels

Looking to give your labels an edge on market stands? Then you should take a look at the four color printing process. Comprising the colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (CYMK), the 4 color process allows for complete color printing as well as achieving high accuracy in terms of the image and color.

Key is the color black, which is used to provide the intricate details of aspects such as lettering.

Benefits of Using the 4 Color Process

CYMK inks are used to create full color labels. Full color labels are known to provide a better impact in terms of catching the customer’s attention and increasing overall interest in the product. What makes this process so advantageous is that the CYMK inks have the ability to create a clear image of photograph quality on the label.

CYMK inks are also perfect for spot coloring. Generally, the colors are mixed during the printing process. This can cause small differences in color at high production volumes. Spot inks are premixed inks that are used to print a label using a computerized system. The advantage is that spot coloring can provide immense accuracy and consistency in terms of color and the overall image.

The 4 color process for full color label printing can be used in a variety of printing methods including flexographic printing, digital offset printing, and digital prepress printing. Another great advantage of the 4 color process is that it does not use any inks with metallic or any other harmful properties. The CYMK ink and printing process can be used for printing a variety of labels including bottles, water bottles, food items, sauce bottles, rolls and sticker applications.

If you want to create a better impact with your product labels, don’t think twice about incorporating the 4 color process in your label printing production.

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